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Tips For Parenting Toddlers: The Importance Of Making Time
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Parenting can be a challenging and difficult task sometimes, especially when you have a baby or toddler. Making time for your child can be difficult in general but, it's different when that child is still a baby. They're so dependent on you at that age that you find time to take care of them that you didn't necessarily think you had. Your time can be absolutely consumed by work, errands, cleaning, anything, and yet you still find the time that's needed to take care of your infant simply because that is part of your role as a parent. Easy, right?

Anyone who's been there can tell you that finding or creating that time is no easy feat. Why do you think there are so many jokes about parents not sleeping for eighteen years after having kids? The really difficult thing though, is making that time as your child gets older. I used the word finding before because, that's exactly what you do with a baby, you find time. Infants can't do much of anything by themselves so, you don't have much choice.

However, when your baby becomes a toddler the dependency level changes. They still need you but, they're not as reliant as before. They have learned to do some things for themselves, and it's easy for parents to fall into the trap of letting them to themselves. That being said, it's important to remember to make time for your toddler. I'm not just referring to paying attention for their safety or only responding when they're getting into something they shouldn't, I'm talking about quality time. These are my tips for parenting toddlers and making time for them.

My first recommendation is to create a schedule for you and your little one. This truly makes it easier for you to spend quality time together. Humans are creatures of habit; if you do something consistently, it becomes a kind of groove. A predisposition that becomes a part of your everyday routine. Easier for you and easier for your toddler. Most people have set schedules for when they eat, work, sleep and kids usually have similar schedules for their daily activities. By incorporating your time together into your daily schedules, you've taken a huge step in ensuring your toddler gets to play, learn, and have fun with you for at least a little while everyday. Well, maybe not everyday. No one is perfect and I'm sure there'll be times when you slip up. And if so, don't worry about it, just do your best to get back on the ball tomorrow.

The next step is to figure out what you want to do with your child during your quality time together. This part is pretty easy because, really, you can do whatever you want. Some people simply like to play, while other parents prefer to do learning activities or exercise. I, personally, like to do combinations of all these things. Not all in one sitting, that would be a little trying. I like to combined these tasks in different variations throughout the week. For example, make Monday your play day, while Tuesday is drawing or coloring day, and so on and so forth. Whatever you choose to do together, the important thing is that you're spending that time with each other.

The last but, certainly not least, on this article on tips for parenting toddlers and making time, I now need to remind you to take some time for yourself as an individual, not a parent. I know your probably thinking, "Whoa, hold on a second! You just got done stressing the importance of spending an ample amount of time with your toddler and now you're saying not to?" No, I'm not saying that you shouldn't spend time with your toddler (obviously I feel that's important on my list of tips for parenting toddlers). What I'm saying, is don't overcompensate and spend too much time with your toddler. You're a parent, first and foremost but, you have needs as an individual (just like your child). You are going to need that time away from them every now and then, and they need that time away from you too. Your toddler is probably already used to spending some time away from you, right? When you're at work? When you have errands to run and decide to leave them at Grandma's for a little while? This time away from you is healthy for them. Remember, in a couple of years they're going to be going to school, having sleep-overs with friends, maybe going to summer camp, and all kinds of stuff like that. They need to start growing that healthy detachment in small doses now. Not to the point where they never see you or you them, just enough that they don't have separation anxiety or feel fear of abandonment when you take them to the sitters or daycare.

Too much time together can sometimes be just as hazardous as not enough.

So, to recap this tips for parenting toddlers session; set a scheduled time for you and your toddler to spend quality time together, create routines or variations for your activities while spending time together, and remember to allow yourself and your child to spend a little time each day when you're not necessarily giving each other your direct attention. Following these steps can help you build a healthy and unyielding relationship with your youngster, and every parent wants that.

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