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Translate Your Teen Messages
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What if your teen speaks a different language? How on earth will you be able to make sure of his safety? Most kids now are talking CODES and parents don't have a clue what they are talking about. Studies showed that most kids between 12 and 17 years old are sending more than 50 messages every day and that one third of them sends over 100 messages.

With the increasing use of internet and texting with the young age and in order to make sure that your kid is safe, sneaking won't work and asking them every moment about what they are saying or writing won't work either. What will really work is learning and understanding your teen's new language.

I will help you in this article decode teens’ new acronyms; here are some of the codes used:

GNOC: Get Naked On Camera!!

NOF: Naked On Front of camera!

CD9: Parents are around!

MOS: Mother Over Shoulder!!!

Can you believe it? They are making their own way of escaping and they wouldn't hide anything unless it was suspicious. I don't mean by this article to be very involved in their live, on the contrary, I really like it when parents give their kids some privacy and a good area for their secrets. However, some of these codes are really serious and could make lots of troubles. Imagine if your daughter or son is NOF and some crazy hacker got the pics or videos and spread it on the internet. I can't even think of it, it is very important issue.

Plus it is spying when you look in your daughter’s diaries or open your kid's closet because these are his private stuff, but it's totally not spying if they are the ones who started exposing themselves on the internet. This age is very sensitive and they won’t let you be friends with them and a parent is got to do what they got to do to insure the best interest for their kid.

Finally, I recommend that parents trust their kids and give them allowable privacy area and to be smart in the same time. Read and keep updated about new trends in teens lives trying to figure out how the heck they are thinking. We live in a world full of crazy and psycho people that we have to get together as a society and stand up in their faces.

At the end, please share acronyms and tips if you think this might help other parent protect their child.

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This was a good article and very informative. I have 2 teens when it comes to texting we have issues and most of the time it is them being on their phones and texting all the time. My son last month had 19,872 texts. I feel he is out of control and so does my wife. He is to cut back and we will see the next billing statement.

  about 9 years ago
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