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Using Activities And Crafts To Promote Exploration Of Professions
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Using Activities And Crafts to Promote Exploration Of Professions

What, exactly, does using activities and crafts to promote exploration of professions mean, whew, what a mouthful! It means that kids learn about the jobs around them in various ways. This is just one of the ways that you can expose your child to different careers available. You can think of activities and crafts to do for about any profession that you can imagine to further explain what each career is about, what they do day in and day out, and most importantly, to gauge your child's interest in new ideas.

Today, I have chosen three of my own favorite careers to demonostrate some activities that you can do with your child to boost their understanding of some of the people that they may encounter on a regular basis or jobs that most don't think too much about, but are a neccessary part of everyday life for the civilized world.

Medical Technician

What is a Medical Technician? Well, they do a ton of things behind the scenes at your local lab, you know, that place the Dr sends you to get your blood drawn (AKA vampire nation). They process blood, urine, fecal and spitum samples to check for disease, infection and hormone levels. They also grow out bacteria in petri dishes to determine which, if any, antibiotic is best used to treat the invading buggers. A wonderful activity to demonstrate this is to make cherry(or any red) jello. Add mini marshmallows along with a variety of fresh fruit bits. The jello represents the blood that is drawn by the phlebotomist, the marshmallows are the white blood cells and the fruit could be bacteria, viruses or any hormone to count within the given sample. Simple, sparks though and questions and best of all, you now have a great snack!


We all see the pharmacist occassionly, whether we would like to or not. While some may seem a bit stuffy, they are a whole wealth of knowledge! They have the incredibly daunting task of knowing what each chemical compound does, how long to take each one, WHO should take it, who shouldn't, what possible side effects might be and when to try something different. WOW, talk about pressure overload! I thought to make an example of knowing what things can be taken together, I would do an activity that could be taken internally, such as medicines. So today, we are going to show the corrolation between rootbeer and ice cream and mixing different medicines! Ready to make floats? Put ice cream into a glass, filling about 1/3 of the way, fill the rest with rootbeer. Now you can explain that if the ice cream or rootbeer aren't sugar free, that this would be a bad medication for a diabetic.


An astronomer does what I believe, are all kinds of interesting things. They study the stars, planets and moons of both our galaxy and those around us. They are responsible for telling us when we will see meteor showers and comets. They also monitor galactic collisions, debris and possible life forms on distant worlds. How cool is THAT?! In my activity exploring astronomy, I've simplified it a little from my original idea. What better way to explain the duties of an astronomer, than to show our galaxy and all that is constantly moving around? Take a medium melon, grapes, oranges, peaches, plums toothpicks and some cheese. Using the melon as the Sun, position the other fruits around according to size. Once done with that, you can take cubed cheese and insert toothpicks for the different moons of the planets. When a child sees just how vast just our galaxy is, it puts into focus just how much work an astonomer has before them.

Those are just a few ideas of activities to teach kids about different careers. Take a look around you at all of the different career choices. There are tons of activities to show career interest. Think of what you wanted to be when you grew up and then come up with an activity to demonstrate what they do. You never know, your childhood dream might be the same as your child.

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