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Cinderella Party: A Wonderful Theme For Both Young And Older Birthday Girls!
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Cinderella Party: two words that magic up images of sparkly costumes, tiaras, cupcakes, children running riot...!  I loved dressing up as a child, on any day not just on my birthday!  I used to get pieces of fabric and cobble together a costume that I imagined was the most elegant creation in the world.  So the reality was different! 

These days there are some really stunning costumes that can be bought for little money, ones that will go a long way in transforming your little princess into her chosen storybook character for a day!  (Or even longer as many kids refuse to be parted with their favorite costume).  You may have seen these children in the store with their mother's well after Halloween, in weird and wonderful outfits!

Disney made this enchanting story into a legend of creativity and imagination.  Most little girls would love to have a Cinderella Party on any day of the year, but to have a birthday party themed with the images from this story would be one definitely to remember.

I always like to start with the cake!  Now it can be a daunting prospect making one from scratch and with the added stress of making one for such an important birthday person is added pressure!  So if you still want to add a personal touch you could either make a yellow sponge cake and fill it with jelly and buttercream, or you could buy a plain cake.

Regarding decorations for the cake, if you are a dab hand at decorating, then this won't be a problem for you.  However if like me you are completely at odds with a piping bag, then there are other easy ways to create a Cinderella cake to be proud of.

I love the little toppers for Cinderella Cakes that can be bought from the party shops, but they usually only contain the characters and nothing more.  You then have to come up with something flashy for the rest of it or the little props look a bit stranded on top of a wide expanse of cake!  

I like to bypass this if I can get away with it, as now there are some amazing cake decorating supplies available that will still make a lovely effect but without any of the stress and is virtually foolproof.

I am talking about...  Candy glitter, sparkles and dust!  Yes these items are a Godsend to a harrassed mother and with them you can cover your iced cake (bought or homemade it doesn't matter) in seconds, to make a vision of loveliness for a Cinderella Party (or any other party for that matter!)  Add some candles and you are good to go!

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