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Creating A Snow White Party Theme - Fun For Both Adults And Kids!
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If you are setting up a kids Snow White party, then I would definitely recommend a Disney look as actually the story of Snow White is pretty dark!  Here are some quick, low cost, but effective tips to make the kids happy.

A Disney Princess theme is lovely and a royal fairytale wouldn't be right without some kind of dressing up involved Make the kids feel regal by placing gold paper crowns on their heads as they walk through the door.  You can also make cheap capes from lining fabric in deep purple or red, then sew or hot glue ties so that they can pretend to be little Princes and Princesses!

This normally gets them in the party mood and I always think that even though to go the whole way and use lots of decorations to dress the room to within an inch of its life, there is nothing more tempting than a helium filled balloon to children.  Really I have dressed and themed parties a lot over the years, but a room filled with bobbing balloons is instantly festive and really gets everyone in the party mood!

You just need to keep things flowing as the kids will create havoc at the drop of a hat!  So make a list of all the things the kids can do, such games and meal times, you only need to run a party for around 3 hours. The games I like a the simple ones, it's less stressy to explain the rules if there are kids running around. 

Pass the Poison Apple I love this one, it's so easy: just get the kids to sit in a circle.  Play some music and get them to pass the apple around, stop the music randomly and the child left holding the apple is out.  The last one holding the apple wins a prize (this could be a piece of candy).

Treasure Hunt This one is great fun if it is a summer birthday, as you can hide objects outdoors to save your household belongings from being trampled and raked through!

I like to hide Fairytale like objects such as Snow White party tiaras, wands, stickers, candy, a "poison" apple, etc and make a list of all the hidden objects.  It's nice if you get the kids to pair up as it makes it slightly less competitive.  The pair to find the most objects wins a prize, but do make sure to give the losing pairs something too so they feel good.

These Snow White party games can easily be fitted around their meal and you will be very surprised at how quickly the time passes!

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