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The First Time I Made Pasta With Pesto And Pine Nuts To Impress My Italian Boyfriend
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The First Time I Made Pasta With Pesto And Pine Nuts to Impress My Italian Boyfriend

Ok here we go! Where to begin... Let's just say I am the type of person to where if I like you and know you are a good friend, family, or boyfriend, I will go out of my way to find out what you like as far as food, hobbies, etc. I love to impress the people I like/love.

So one day in the beginning stages of dating my boyfriend Tom, I wanted to make him a nice dinner. He is italian and what italian doesn't like pasta. So I looked for this recipe besides spaghetti and gravy as they call it. It was capellini with pine nuts and pesto.

One Saturday night my boyfriend Tom was on his way over at my house around 7 to eat dinner. He had mentioned he was bringing over wine and would see me at 7 or shortly after. I was sweating and really nervous.

I guess I felt this way because I was used to cooking for a man I was married to and been togethe for 13 years. So cooking for somenone new is weird.

I felt like I was learning to cook all over again trying to cook new things and new techniques. One of the reasons for this was I think Tom was trying to impress me as well when he treated me out. All the places that we went to were elegant and classy. I was not used to getting real dressed up and served dinner with the white tablecloths, light music, wine served chilled at our table.

I never been to places like that ever. My ex husband was just different and to him a burger, fries, and a beer satisfied him. He never liked trying new things. We alway's had the same old stuff. So anyway back to making dinner for Tom.

So I am trying to think what does this man like that he will love that he hasn't had anyone else make for him. I thought why not a pasta dish with pine nuts and pesto. My kids knew he was on his way over and they were all staying the night with friends and I knew they wouldn't like this dish.

Well it took me 3 times for me to get the pasta right so that was a waste of 2 hours. By the time I boiled the water put the pasta on, it was time consuming. I kept over cooking it because I never made capellini before. The third time I got it ok. It really still wasn't right but I said I'm running out of time. Tom called and said I will be over in 20 min. It was 7pm when he called. "I'm freaking out now"! I am trying to blend pine nuts, garlic, butter, and parsley to make this pesto sauce to pour into the pasta to flavor it and there was too much pasta and not enough pesto sauce.

Well 20 min later my door bell rings, I answer "all sweaty" he said you ok, I said yes why? He replied ok, you look red. Well when we sat down to eat I had made the salad and garlic bread to go with it and we had a bottle of white wine that he brought on top of me drinking the white that I used to make the pesto because I needed something to calm my nerves down.

I noticed why we were eating, he wasn't eating like he normally does. All his salad was gone and the garlic bread but he was playing with his pasta. I ask, " You don't like it do you"? His reply was yes, just not that hungry, I ate a big lunch. I thought to myself yeah right!

Later on that night come to find out, he doesn't like pesto and over cooked pasta. I was upset because I didn't find out enough about him to know he did not like this dish.. I assumed that all pasta dishes he would love since he was italian. So next time I am trying to impress my italian boyfriend, I will get a little more about his likings better for the next dinner. Well, it was an experience I learned from and trust me I can make pasta perfect now after dating him.

Street Talk

Great article. Goes back to communication. Watch the God Father for your recipe. Cannot remember which one I use it all the time with a few extras. Really got my recipe from a great Italian's friends mother from Boston.

  about 1 decade ago
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