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Home Recording Studio Tips
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The money I wasted trying to get my home recording studio up and running was unnecessary, and I would like to help any aspiring sound engineer, home recording enthusiast, recording hobbyist, or any body interested in audio recording not to make some of the mistakes I made by not knowing what to do, what to buy, what is important now and what can wait. I failed to understand a principal which will serve you well if you grasp and practice it, and it is keep it super simple. Do not buy a single item if you do not absolutely need it. The simpler you keep things in the beginning, the faster you will learn the important concepts that you will need in order to create the recordings you will be happy with. The less you surround yourself with unnecessary equipment and clutter the better.

This will afford you the time to digest the important aspects and concepts that will give you a good grasp on the use and integration of your computer, DAW, audio interface, microphone, instrument or midi controller , monitor speakers and headphones.

We will address every aspect of the recording studio, from exploring what sound is and sound waves to all the equipment and how to use it, the instruments, tips and techniques for recording vocals, guitar, drums, piano, orchestral instruments, making beats as well as any particular instrument or technique that there is an interest for.

We will look at studio design, studio furniture, accessories, vocal booths, sound proofing, acoustical treatments, bass traps, lighting.

Studio microphones is an important discussion, the proper quality cables for the studio, how to cut down on noise in the studio, how to get a clean, clear signal path, how to write a song, how to arrange a song, how to mix a song, proper equalization, compression techniques, using virtual instruments, using plugins using multi effects.

We will discuss different digital audio workstations and what type of recording is better with which DAW, the Apple Mac platforms , PC platforms and the difference.

The Audio interface is an important choice, we will explore differences, quality, capability, type of connection to your computer, stability of the program and the demand it puts on your computer. We will also talk about what computer to get for the home recording studio as well as the effects, preamps, processors. We will have in depth talks about studio monitors, the quality of your monitors can make a huge difference in your ability to mix a song properly.

We are going to cover keyboards, workstations, midi and how it works, creating great drum tracks. great bass tracks, great vocal tracks, auto-tune, melodyne, great instrument tracks, making great dance beats, we will talk about bit rate and bit depth, digital audio drivers, sample rate, Hip hop, house, rock, country, blues and everything in between, loops, signal flow, sound card, sound module, sequencers, word clock, synthesizers, guitar amps, rack gear, audio Interfaces, studio sub woofers, portable and field recorders, digital multi track recorders, video production gear, studio power amps, music production software, effects-plugins, signal processors, sound libraries and loops, audio playback, reel to reel tape, ribbon mic, condenser mic, dynamic mic, shotgun mic, stereo mic.

Every aspect of the home recording studio will be discussed, explored, explained and demonstrated.

The more interest that you show in a given topic will be the first ones to be addressed.

You can ask for specific areas of interest and we will cover them here.

Good luck on your journey to produce Pro quality recordings from your home recording studio.

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