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How Did You Do That?!?!
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How Did You Do That?!?!

Never tell them!

You should never tell someone how a trick is done. Why would you want to? You spent the money to learn the trick. You did the practice to perfect the performance. You did the work. Why would you give away your hard earned work for free? Telling someone how a trick is done is like spending money on an apartment and then letting someone else live in it rent free!

What does it mean?

You perform a trick and someone asks "how did you do that?!?!" It means that they do not want to do the work of trying to figure out how you did it. They want you to tell them.

Why do they ask it?

They probably don't realize that if you do tell them, they aren't causing much damage but they are. They might be asking for a number of reasons. They might be legitimately wondering how you did that so that they can become a magician themselves. Regardless of their reason, it is best to just keep it a secret.

Why shouldn't I tell them?

Why should you? How will they be better off from knowing the answer to the question at hand? If they are trying to become a magician, perhaps you can tell them. You can choose to tell them or not. But there are several reasons why we should never tell them how the trick is done.

1. You won't be impressive anymore in their eyes.

2. They will subconsciously know that you can't perform real magic.

3. They will go and tell their friends.

4. It will ruin the surprise for them and it might make it harder for you to impress them in the future.

5. People really don't want to know. They like to be astonished and amazed.


So not telling anyone how your tricks are done will help you in the long run. You now have the first rule of magic under your belt and you just want to keep it in the back of your head. Trust me, you will get the question whenever you do a magic trick. Unless you have made your audience like you before doing the trick, you will get that question. In addition to rule 2: Don't do it again, you will become a great magician! Again, people really do not want to know. They like to be astonished and amazed. So keep the secret to yourself and keep your audience entertained! Thank you for reading and as always, keep the magic alive! Contact me with any questions.

Magically yours,

Scott Beardsley

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