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How To Extreme Coupon | Five Tips From A Coupon Pro
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How To Extreme Coupon | Five Tips From A Coupon Pro

You have read stories of people saving hundreds of dollars using coupons at the grocery store. You have watched the popular couponing television show featuring couponers with years worth of groceries and personal care items stockpiled in their basements. Now you want to know: how do they do it?! Learn how to extreme coupon with these five tips!

  • Learn to match your store's sales with coupons to get your lowest possible price. As you get familiar with your store's sales, you will notice cycles. For example, you may see that your child's favorite cereal goes on sale for $2.50 a box about once a month. While this is a decent price, you eventually notice that that same box of cereal goes on sale for $2 a box every month and a half.

This would be the rock-bottom price you will find the cereal at, and this would be considered your "stock-up" price. Yes, it's only $0.50 less than the monthly sale. But if you are going through a box a week, that adds up to $26 a year. You can also use coupons for $1 off two boxes each time you stock-up, and you save an additional $26 a year! It may seem like nothing now, but when you consider how many items you are buying each week that you could be stockpiling, it really starts to snowball.

Once you learn your store's sale cycles, you know which sales are worth stocking up on, and how many you will need to hold you over until the next sale. So who's paying $3 for a box of cereal now?! Not you!

  • Watch your coupons to see if the phrase "except trial size" appears. If you don't see that, you can often get FREE trial size items! This particular trick is getting harder to implement, but you will occasionally find a coupon that doesn't exclude the trial size. So if you come across a coupon for $1 off Silky Tresses shampoo, and your local big box store carries the travel size for $0.97, you have yourself a FREE travel size shampoo! Whether you travel a lot, or you want to make a donation to a worthy cause, these trial-size deals can really make a difference!
  • Stack your store coupons with manufacturer coupons. Have you ever really looked at the small print on your coupons? You may see the phrase,"Limit One Coupon Per Purchase." Many people get thrown off by this, in a couple ways.

First clarification: "per purchase" means "per item." So you can use more than one coupon in a transaction (unless there is a limit on the coupon per transaction). If you have three coupons for $1 off Silky Tresses shampoo, you can purchase three bottles of that shampoo, and use all three coupons.

Second clarification: "One Coupon Per Purchase" refers to using one coupon from the same vendor. If you have two $1 off manufacturer's coupons for Silky Tresses shampoo, you cannot use both coupons on one bottle of shampoo to get a total of $2 off. But if you have a $1 off manufacturer's coupon and you also have a $1 off store coupon, you can "stack" one of each to get a total of $2 off one bottle of shampoo.

When learning how to extreme coupon, you will find that combining offers like this will earn you massive savings!

  • Hang onto those receipt coupons! Have you ever gone into one of the chain drug stores or a grocery store and received a coupon that printed out with your receipt? These coupons can be extremely valuable!

Some of these receipt coupons are nothing more than manufacturer coupons for specific purchases. For example, you may get a coupon for $3 off baby formula when you buy a certain brand of diapers. But there are other manufacturer coupons that print off with your receipt called Catelinas.

To get a Catelina coupon, you need to make a specific purchase which is usually advertised in the store's weekly circular. For example, you could receive a $3 Catelina coupon when you purchase two frozen pizzas. The Catelina coupon can be used on any future purchase: fresh fruit, fresh veggies, fresh produce, toys, you can redeem the $3 Catelina coupon on anything your heart desires!

Catelina coupons are a secret weapon often used on the popular couponing television show on cable. Unfortunately, they never tell you that when they show extreme couponers getting hundreds of dollars of merchandise for next to nothing!

  • Get familiar with your store's coupon policy. This is probably the most important tip of all. Your store's coupon policy is one of the best tools you have when learning how to extreme coupon. It will tell you if there are any limits on how many coupons you can use, which sales you can redeem coupons with, and if you can get cash back from coupons.

One thing to remember no matter which store you shop: don't copy or scan coupons. It's illegal, and hurts us all. We have lost many couponing privileges over the last 2 or 3 years because of fraudulent coupons. We all win and keep saving money when coupons are used correctly!

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Very nice article, making it sound simple, which it is. I've saved hundreds before and paid pennies on the dollar for a whole boat load of groceries. Its time consuming. Maybe do an article on how to save time while doing it!! :-)

  about 9 years ago
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