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Is Tulum Real Estate Right For You?
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With so many excellent options in Mexico, it's perfectly fair to ask whether Tulum real estate is the right option for you lifestyle in Paradise. The following are some factors that might help you make this decision:

World's Top Beaches

Tulum's beaches are not only considered be among the best in Mexico, but actually among the very top world-wide! Several international rankings have placed them among the top 10 to be found; the only reason more haven't given them this status is that Tulum remains relatively unknown compared to its “older sisters” to the north, Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Yet, the wide beaches have soft, white sand and, with the bright turquoise water, are not only picture-perfect, but ideal for relaxation.

Basic & Growing Services

One thing that people will both attractive and inconvenient about Tulum at the same time is that it still does not have the big shopping malls and international stores to be found in places like Cancun. There is one large grocery store, and most day-to-day goods can be found in small stores throughout the town. With growth in Tulum, there are always more services appearing as well.

All Services Nearby

While you won't find the top modern services in town, all of these can be found in the nearby communities of Playa del Carmen (1 hour away) or Cancun (2 hours away), including malls, movie theaters, bowling allies, professional golf courses (one of these is actually just outside of town,) state-of-the-art hospitals, international stores and much more.

Cancun is also home to an international airport which is emerging as one of the most important in Central and even Latin America, offering direct and affordable flights throughout North America and beyond.

Natural Lifestyle

Tulum is known for its ecological focus. There are eco-fairs where both “rustic” and even luxury products can be found that make living an eco-friendly lifestyle easier. People in Tulum love the nature that surrounds them (sub-tropical jungle) and take care of it. Closely related is that the lifestyle is somewhat bohemian – alternative and laid back; many of the shops in town reflect this atmosphere with unique, local artwork and artisan products.

Ecological Homes

There are also eco-homes that have been designed to reduce energy use, use alternative energy and limit the impact of waste on the area's sensitive underground ecosystems. Such homes can be bought completed or can be built with custom design.

So, is living in Tulum right for you? If what you read here sounds like the perfect lifestyle, then it sure is!

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