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A Career Change At 30
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A Career Change at 30

Why are more people thinking the grass is always greener and looking further afield for a career change at 30, the economic climate is still dodgy.

But It’s not stopping 30 something’s from searching online for a new career. At 30 you still have another 30 years again to make your mark.

So what is it they are searching for?

It’s diverse, however a good percentage are looking at self-employment, joiners are looking at IT; office workers are looking at anything.

The one thing they have in common though is the internet. With a huge shift of power going online this cannot be ignored; it’s looking very good for those who head in the direction of the internet.

Google has millions of searches daily and with mobile searches going crazy, it’s starting to get scary. There are over 4 billion mobile phones users and 90%. Of them have their phone within arm’s length 24/7. Searching the net gets easier by the day,

I remember having a mobile phone the size of a house brick and dragging a suitcase behind me with the battery in!

Some of the career changes have been made, because of the internet; so many tasks and traditional forms of advertising like magazines, radio, newspapers and billboards have been swamped.

There will be inevitable job casualties, so people are going online as self-employed, some part-time a lot full- time using their redundancy money.

If you can’t beat em, join em is the phrase that springs to mind. It’s a pity so many fail when there is proper training out there. You do have to do your homework.

I started my own business online because of a work friend. We were always working together and moaning together about the firm we worked for. He loved scooters and was a member of several scooter clubs and enjoyed his weekends on rallies.

As he got older arthritis made it painful for him to ride, so the rallies became less frequent until he got to the point where he couldn’t change gear at all. This just made his passion stronger for everything scooter.

He tried selling spare parts while still being employed but was slowly getting fed up with the situation, he was doing well but still had to go to work.

Unhappy with his job he followed his passion and built a scooter website selling new and used scooters, books on the subject and spare parts.

He learnt to do this through wealthy affiliate, it was hard work he used to say, starting from scratch, finding out what seo was and a host of other stuff I hadn’t heard of, but he now enjoys the benefits of that learning curve.

I was inspired by his story, we still meet up now and again and it’s great to see him with a big grin on his face because he’s so happy in his business.

I thought I would also give it a try and go it alone as well. I was over 30 but that didn’t matter, you don’t have to have career change at 30 it can be at any age, I started part-time for 2 reasons;

1. Lack of funds

2. The wife whispered ever so nicely in my ear that the bills still needed paying. I was worried about that because she said body parts may go missing if they weren’t!

So with that ringing in my ears I went down the same route as my ex work colleague, selling online. It’s not scooters though;

I own and run the website this article is from and if you’re sick of your job I try to help so you can do the same as we did. Which is to follow your passion and make money with it?

I did the same as him and read a wealthy affiliate review to learn my trade; I’m still a member now. I have difficulty with the technical part of the business; they are great for support when you come up against problems.

If you have a passion like gardening, golf, horse riding or whatever it is, imagine making a living out of it. The career you have now could be a great source of income.

You may know the service or product you now deal with inside out; it wouldn’t take much more to learn how to use that knowledge for your benefit.

Why work for a rate your employer thinks your worth when you could earn more. My friend doubled his income. I hope this article was helpful; a career change at 30, at 40, at 50 is as easy as you want to make it.

When we meet up we are both grinning like Cheshire cats these days, such a relaxed atmosphere and we have nothing to moan about.

Street Talk

Happy for your friend - and enjoyed your article.

  about 6 years ago

Thanks John I appreciate your comment.

  about 9 years ago

Truly Great. Your story was very engaging. With a bit of humor. Looks like you are a natural in writing articles.

  about 9 years ago
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