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A Foundation Pieced Life
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A Foundation Pieced Life

It’s good advice to build your life like a patchwork quilt. Not just any quilt. Rather one using the most traditional of techniques; foundation piecing.

In a nutshell, foundation pieced patchwork is built onto a base or template which acts as a pattern.

Whatever template is used becomes a beautiful replica in fabric, texture and decoration that is the finished patchwork quilt.

When a foundation or template is used, with volition, building the quilt becomes an easy and productive experience. The results in this type of patchwork are close to perfect.

A good foundation in life is one where you are balanced in all areas. Emotional, spiritual and physical aspects need to be cared for and stable. These areas could be broken down into further categories and would have different meanings, values or subtleties for each person.

Consider what your life would be like if you had a good foundation in all these areas; health, business, spirituality, personal development, social and family.

My take is that our life quilt will turn out an identical reflection of it’s foundation whether we have consciously drawn, or created, the template foundation or not.

We will have an outcome on a daily basis. Looking at the bigger picture we will have a life quilt to reflect on when our time here is done.

The quilt may be beautiful regardless of the volition with which we created it. The difference is probably going to be in the satisfaction that we feel at having achieved the results and beauty we hoped and dreamed and planned for… or not.

A permanent template in patchwork terms is one that is going to stay in the quilt when it is done. Unlike a paper template the intention is not to remove it. Its advantage to the quilt is that this template offers stability.

Fabric can be added to the template in any combination and even against the grain. The quilt won’t lose shape or pull crooked because of the effect of the bias or even the other pieces that are pulling against it.

Life is very much like this. If our foundation is firm and strong it won’t matter whether experiences in our life are trying, challenging or even if parts of our life struggle against each other. Life becomes easier to manage when we know that the very foundation of our being is centered.

We can find beauty in even the smallest parts of the patchwork that is our life. Even ugly little pieces of fabric can be introduced harmlessly into the bigger picture that makes up our patchwork.

Life remains balanced and true.

Our life, while I’m comparing it to a quilt, can also be likened to just one patch of a larger quilt.

The unique part of foundation quilting is that the only seam allowance that is allowed for on the template is the one around the outer perimeter of a finished block or pattern. This is where the patch joins to other patches.

Imagine a quilt in which you are just one block. Perhaps you have no say over the fabric being used in other blocks that are joined around you. This doesn’t matter if the other blocks connecting with yours also have a stable foundation. In fact, if you have a stable foundation, the chances are you will remain ‘true’ even if others around you don’t.

While this is somewhat out of your control, it’s really important in the relationships closest to your own.

Husbands and wives, or partners if you seek a generic term, will have a much more satisfying relationship if they seek to build on a similar foundation.

This can ensure that there is perfection in each block even when the pattern being created is complicated or at best different from each other.

Be grateful for trying experiences. Like the heat of an iron, they are important for a pleasing finished result.

Make sure your foundation is secure. Only then can you fully enjoy the embellishments that will make your quilt a patchwork to enjoy and build onto in the days and years to come.

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