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I enjoy writing, everything I have written about thus far is based on my life experiences and my opinion of how that particular situation should be handled or viewed. Some of you might think my opinion or advice (if you want to call it that) may be harsh. Well it is a harsh world and I would rather just be to the point and as honest as I can be, I don't think sugar coating things will help anyone.

Thus far my 30 articles have been clicked on 787 times ( that was quite a whikle back) the last time I looked the other day. Well you may be wondering if you are still reading what the purpose of this article is and all my articles have apurpose. Well I suppose it is to enlighten you on some o my madness. I will not deny that some of my opinions are harsh, well if my life had not been harsh at times I might view things differently. I believe that everything happens for a reason. I don't think ther are just random acts that happen to you or to us on this planet. I believe ther is a higher power. You can call it God, as I do, or whatever you choose. I don't believe in fate, luck, or even karma.

I do believe we are punished for our actions but mostly I think we punish ourselves. The God I belive in is a loving and merciful God who does not want his people to suffer. This blows my theory or thinking that if you are not punished for your wrongs here on Earth you will be punished for them when you are gone. Because no matter what you may ask for forgivness but how do you really know if you will be forgiven. As I said that is my theory I am in no way an expert in God or the Bible.

I have learned over time, lots of time, to only focus on my wrongs to others, not how others have wronged me. I have been wronged quite a bit in my short life. It takes time and self discipline to let go of those hurt feelings and move on. Yes I may dwell on them for a bit but I remind myself to be realistic and rational and know tht if they truly cared about me then they would not have done or said what they did.

Well now I think I got slightly off track. My purpose in writing these articles started out as a means to learn how to promote items of interest to be bought by you. Well my focus on writing articles has changed. Now don't think I won't ever try to sell you something through an article, but at least I can say I have not yet. And who knows I may never. Hopefully by then you will have a trust in me that what I am promoting would be worth your money. But for now I will be happy and satisfied if you get something far more valuable, my knowledge, for what it is worth. At this point it has cost you nothing. Hope my knowledge helps you make a difference in your life.

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