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Bad Decisions Do Not Define Who You Are
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At some point in your life you may have made a bad decision, or mistake. It may have been minor, or severe, but either way it was a bad decision and you cannot change what happen. All you can do is try your best not to do it again. Hopefully you are able to ask for forgiveness or make up for what you have done.

There may have been multiple things you have done wrong over time to various people throughout your life. Now this to me is a little more serious. It says in a way you have no regard for the people around you. There are really no good or justifiable excuses in making mistakes that hurt others.

But there are times when you have to make a decision for yourself or your family that does not turn out how you wanted it to or you were told it would. Sometimes we do and say things to keep the others around us we love from being hurt. You may have to defend a family member because they have done something wrong to another person. You may not agree with what they did but you love them and know they must have had good reason for what they have done.

I truly believe some people make bad decisions, but the bad decision has a positive outcome. This may not happen very often but it has happen to me so I think it is possible. Some mistakes people make tend to follow them for a long time if not all their life. These mistakes, or bad decisions, should be taken into consideration. When we are young we do some dumb things to fit in or for other reasons.

No one should be condemned for bad decisions before you truly understand their reasoning behind them. You never know you may have done the same thing if you were in the same situation. We all make mistakes and we all should be given a second chance to prove we learned from our mistake.

I truly believe we are all capable of change and to learn new behaviors and let go of bad ones that hurt others. The bad decisions we make are ours, but they do not or should not define the type of person you are. There are good people in the world who do bad things and they may do them for a good reason. But only they know what the reason was.

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