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Becoming A Better You - 5 Easy Steps
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Dear Readers,

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to “be and/or have it all?” No, I am not talking about having good looks or material things (sometimes these are not a matter of choice or opportunity but a matter of heredity or a good trust fund; plus, truly if they have it all besides looks and material things, it would be too much to bare, no? hehe). What I am referring to is this: Have you ever seen or met people who seem to “light up” a place when they walk in (but not because they are wearing the latest fashion or the most expensive or ridiculous attire); people who seem to be so easy-going, well-rounded, and genuinely happy (but not because they are boisterous and loud); people whom are easy to admire and respect as they always seem to be surrounded by “good vibes” and emanate good personality and character (but not because they want attention); people who are comfortable with themselves and who seem to make the most out of whatever situations they experience (but not because they are mediocre). Do you know what type of people I am referring to? If you do, keep reading on, if not… you too keep reading on.

So I call this type of people “perfect,” too much? I agree, so let’s call them the “type STAR personality” (ok, let’s not call it anything). The more I observe and analyze “these type of people” (contrary to what you might think, they are not all over the place, but they are easily spotted – and I am fortunate enough to be the sister of one of these type of people; thus, at times, and certainly annoyingly, I over-watch and over-analyze my youngest brother), the more I convince myself that, with some self-reflection, learning, acceptance, and “good-ol’” imitation, YOU too CAN become one of these type of people (if you so desire of course).

Okay, are you ready? But be aware, the consequences are WONDERFUL:

1. Accept that you don’t “have it all” and that you are “not all that.” Just like in many specific situations in life (think addiction, marriage, job problems etc), the first step is to accept that there is something “lacking;” that there might be something “wrong.” I am not saying your personality is wrong, and I am certainly not insinuating that this is to be compared with a serious problem. Nope. What I am saying is that choosing to accept that you always can improve and recognizing what areas you can do so, is the first step. Obviously, if you are very content and delighted with who you are, then you don’t need to read this (hehe).

2. Always seek to get better and reach higher. Once you have determined that there is room for improvement. Take the next step, think about what areas in your live need to be improved, what traits in your personality can be tamed or diminish; how your character can be polished, and HOW you are going to do so. If you have no idea, keep reading on.

3. Develop yourself. Learn something new, try an activity or read about something that you have been curious about OR better yet, something that you have had no interest in whatsoever. Learning about something new develops who you are and what types of skills, views, and opinions you posses. What makes a well-rounded individual to be (or at least seem to be) smart, it’s that they have various interests, skills, and a vast knowledge no matter what the subject or discipline is.

4. Keep an Open Mind. Have you met people (opposite to the type of people which this article is about) who are so stubborn and close-minded that is annoying? They think they are right and that their ideas, believes, views, and outlook are the truth; thus they don’t accept any other kind of view because they consider it to be wrong. Being judgmental and close-minded shows a lack of humility, respect, intelligence, and wisdom. So, keep an open-mind about the world that surrounds you, and others will admire and value what you think and say.

5. Take an internship. If you know someone one that fulfills the descriptions aforementioned, go and move in with them! …Of course not. What I mean by this is that you need to observe and learn from this person/individual. Be an apprentice. Whether they know it or not, their influence and example is beneficial to you. So go ahead, imitate, be a “copy-cat.” Nobody is going to “flunk” you for that.

So now that you know HOW to become a better you, ACT on it. You will find that it does not have to be an arduous and impossible task, rather it is fulfilling, and in the end, it will make you a better YOU. Plus, it will give me things to write about, right? Who knows, I might be writing articles about you next...

Best Regards,


Street Talk

When I was in Ohio, I had a wonderful job. However, I was spending a lot of time playing Facebook games. I did not feel like I was leading a productive life. I feel productive now, and I enjoy what I do. I blog and do church service work. I have a busy life, and I enjoy encouraging people through my words and actions.

  about 1 decade ago

That is awesome Ms. Mathews! It is always encouraging to find people who want to change their own lives, and in turn, change others' lives.

  about 1 decade ago

Thank you. I feel much better about myself now than I did back then. I enjoy helping other people.

  about 1 decade ago
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