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Clergy Defies Pentagon's Order To Perform Same Sex Marriages.
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Wow, the church continues in it's behaviors of judging its subjects. Yes, if you ascribe to any religion, you are a subject of that order of religion. Your personal growth is limited to your religious beliefs.

Don't get me wrong. I am not a homosexual and I'm not defending their way of life. In fact its not a personal change I'd desire and I really can't relate with it. I personally believe that gays choose their way of life as a self worth issue-but that's another article or maybe a book. Finding a sense of self worth is always a challenge for homosexuals. Sure there is probably some genetic predisposition just as there is with alcoholism, but that doesn't mean that just because there's a genetic predisposition that it determines one's behavior-one always has choice.

Back to the church. Christianity preaches that sinners are forgiven seventy times seventy. Catholicism and Christianity preach that homosexuality is a sin. They will marry a thief who is a sinner, but won't marry a homosexual. They explain it away as homosexuals do not propagate the earth with more humans as religions teach us to do.  Like we already don't have enough humans on this planet. Or is it that we need more believers (subjects)?

Maybe the whole idea of God that many of us humans hide behind should be explored. The Christian and Catholic bible speak of man being created in God's image. But this whole concept is often glossed over or boiled down to believe there is someone who looks something like us up in the sky somewhere watching over and giving a shit what happens or doesn't happen to each of us or caring about how we do or do not worship this powerful entity--deity. Our personal growth and personal change is limited to our religious beliefs. We are not taught to believe in us but to believe in something or some deity outside of ourselves.

It's amazing the the scriptures of all bibles based on all religions and Gods known to man are limited to dealing with how humans treat one and other. Never are the sciences mentioned. And we never think of God related to any of the sciences. However when a scientist does research into genetic manipulation, cloning, or stem cells the preachers and priests of the world step in with their interpretations of their bible poo pooing the research. I'm not defending the scientists, only pointing out that the preachers and priests hide behind scriptures to justify their stance which has no scientific basis. They can only interpret what the scriptures (written thousands of years ago) might mean in today's world.

What if we look at who and what God is? I mean the God of all religions. When one's life goes smoothly credit is given to God. When one's life falls apart its because they either fell short in their worship of their God or God is testing their faith. Again it fosters this image of someone somewhere in the universe giving a shit as to what happens to us or keeping score as to our faithfulness.

But can we not take a better look at God? Who and what might God be? I mentioned that there is little if anything in any bible about science. Yet science runs the world. I guess you could make an argument for the bibles being about the science of treating other humans. But how about the science of biology? Or mathematics? Or physics? Or probability? Or chemistry?

Wouldn't you think that God knows about all of these sciences? When the scientists discovers the solution to a problem, who does he thank? God, right?

Suppose God (the God of all religions) is the laws of mathematics, probability, chemistry, physics, and biology? It would explain a lot, wouldn't it? After all we are in the image of God. We are the manifestation of all these laws. And maybe one day we'll realize that all these laws are one law.

In fact, every thing we know is the manifestation of these laws-rocks, viruses, skin parasites like Morgellons' Disease, rats, birds, mosquitoes, plants, monkeys, humans and so on-every living and inanimate object is the manifestation of God. We are each God. The Universe is God. The rock is God. What we create is God. Who cares what happens to each of us? God (you and your friends and relatives and even many strangers) do. Does the rock (God) care what happens to you? Probably no more so that many other strangers.

One day we will discover how these laws manifest themselves in things like esp, life after death, mind reading, clairvoyance, and so on and know whether they are real or simply figments of our imagination.

So what about homosexuality? It's a personal choice thing and not a God thing. Religion is the figment of the imagination that imagines there is a deity that cares or judges each of us. Preachers and priests that refuse to marry homosexuals are practicing bigotry-better for them to understand the underlying  self worth issues that contribute to homosexuality than to judge and hide behind bibles written centuries ago by monks attempting to comprehend scriptures. Get with it religion!

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