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Do Not Make Unfounded Accusations
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No one likes to be accused of something whether they are doing it or did it. It is very unfair to always think someone is doing something wrong or they are out to hurt you. There are a few good honest people left out there in the world. I think we sometimes tend to put our past experiences on others we have in our life. It is good to be cautious as to not let yourself get hurt again but you should communicate your past experiences to the person and that way they will undersand wh you may do and say certain things to them.

Once they know and understand they may be less likely to do those things to raise your suspecions. It is not fair to accuse someone of something when they have no idea what you have been through. It may be hard, embarassing or whatever else you can think of to express these things, and you may not be able to do it right away. But once you feel like you can trust them you should confide in them the experiences from your past. This will better help them understand you and what you have gone through in your life.

As I mentioned before you should always be cautious but not everyone is out to hurt you. The next person will not always do to you what the last one did, they may try harder once they know to make up for the hurt you have suffered. When you effectively communicate your past or fears it helps the other person understand you better and it may give you some relief of getting it off your chest, so to speak.

They may even have a greater appreciation for you and feel good about you trusting them enough to open up to them. This may also help them to understand certain things they may do, not intentionally, to make you feel suspicious of them. When you are always accusing someone of doing something they know they are not an dthat they have no intention of doing it causes them undo stress. It may even lead to them doing it just because you keep pushing the issue, well you already think I am doing it so I might as well just do it. You should never take someone for granted or think they are not capable of hurting you whether you communicate or not. But at least you can be honest with them and know thet they understand.

They may have been hurt by someone else and don't want to be hurt again either. No matter what communication is the key to a successful relationship. No one not even you are perfect, we all make mistakes. Some more then others I will add. But hopefully we learn from those so we don't hurt ourselves or someone else. No one will ever know or understand why and how you are and think if you don't effectively communicate it to them, and this is the root of most unfounded accusations.

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Trust is important. Thanks for sharing.

  about 6 years ago
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