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Enjoying Life Today
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Enjoying Life Today

Experiencing joy and happiness is very possible and achievable. It isn't just possible in fairy tales!

Sometimes we get so caught up in life that we do forget to stop and enjoy the sights along the way. We live either in the past or future, but many struggle to truly live in the present.

Sure, we are a product of our past, but have you ever met a person that lives their life so much in the past they are missing out on what's happening today? I've been there!

Reflecting back on our past for good, or sometimes for the bad, can truly interfere with who we are today.

Have you ever known the person that lives their days in high school because they were the football star or prom queen? How about those good old college days? Do you live through the memories of a former job position?

It's okay to have fond memories, but not at the expense of living today to its fullest extent.

There are others that use the past as an excuse to not succeed today. Someone harassed them profusely as a child, parents were neglectful or abusive, they experienced a tragic loss of a loved one. Any of these sound familiar?

Have they been a crutch which has literally carried you through the motions of life without experiencing life to its fullest potential? Or, are they a barrier, that has completely blocked progress and success?

How about the future? Do you dwell on the possibilities which the future will hold? So often I witness people that get so caught up in their dreams and aspirations that they forget that they have a family, spouse, and friends that require time right now.

Others neglect the step that they need to be doing something today to meet the goals in the future.

Living in the future neglects the responsibilities of today, which can affect personal relationships and have other very damaging consequences.

If you waste today, the path to success narrows.

Balancing life can be extremely difficult at times. Enjoying memories and reflecting on lessons learned from the past are certainly a part of who you are today, but if you consistently live in the past or future it limits possibilities of today. Learn the keys of living today!

I learned about hypnosis several years ago and I was amazed how many people limit their potential because they have limiting beliefs or past experiences that have hindered their progress.

Often times events have impacted our lives far deeper than we realize, and we need additional tools to help overcome them.

Hypnosis is a very viable and fundamental means of overcoming events of the past which create obstacles and hinder continued growth in your life. Living in the past, due to good or bad memories, affects your growth and potential today.

Hypnosis is one of many self improvement techniques but it helps beyond positive thinking and general mental exercises.

It is a very effective tool to overcoming perceived barriers such as fear, anxiety, lack of confidence, and self doubt, replacing those barriers with strength, courage, confidence and power.

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