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Extend Your Comfort Zone By Changing Habits And Change Your Life
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In general we are doing what makes us feel comfortable. We live daily our habits acquired during our past. Habits refer not only to the actions we perform, but also to our thoughts, to our mindsets.

Usually, a habit is acquired through repetition; repetition of actions or repetition of thoughts. When something becomes habit, it looks normally to us and become part of our life doesn’t matter if it is for our good or bad.

At the beginning we perform something because we like or because we are bored or because people around us are doing it and then we repeat it several times until it integrates in our life becoming habit. Then, we continue to do it mechanically. We feel the need to do it; otherwise we don’t feel at ease.

Let’s suppose we have the habit to watch TV every evening when we return home from our office. We have our favorite programs and watch them with interest. If one evening the cable connection is broken we feel terrible, we don’t find our place. The same happen when being smokers we finish the cigarettes and don’t find others. Same uncomfortable feeling we experience when we come in the morning in our office and find someone sitting on our desk or when the store where we usually buy food at night is unexpectedly closed. Searching instinctively for stability and safety in our life, we build around us a comfort zone inside which we feel protected. Any unexpected disorder in our daily habits causes us trouble and anxiety.

So, that’s the way our life is running day after day. We are closed inside the circle of our daily habits. But beyond our let’s name them ‘action’ habits, we develop and run daily thought habits. Like our physical existence is trapped in a string of ‘action’ habits, our mind is caught in patterns of thought based on our thinking habits.

When we think inside our thought habits we feel comfortable doesn’t matter if our thoughts are positive or negative. Even if they are negative, we perceive them as normal because we are already used to them. Sometimes these patterns of thought lead to lack of self-confidence and lower our self-esteem without us realizing it. They are more harmful for our life than action habits. While an action habit like smoking or wasting time by watching TV can be easier identified and eliminated, a thought habit is more difficult to discover and change.

We know that our thoughts determine our life. How we think that our life should be, the same is the reality we are living in.

When we think we are not worthy enough to get something, we don’t get. When we think we cannot succeed, we don’t. When we think we are not capable of achieving, we don’t. When we think we can do something, doesn’t matter how incredible it could seem, we do it.

Right at the moment we understand this, we get a very big power. The power to create the life we want to live. We just have to take a look at our habits and we will realize where our “fate” is coming from. Then, we need to decide which habits are good for us and which are not.

You can change your old life in a new one by changing your daily habits. Some of your habits you will keep, some other you will eliminate and you will also create some new ones. At the end of this process, you will extend your comfort zone. Now, your ‘normality’ will be different. In this way, your new lifesyle will be confortable for you, all the changes you decide to make will be made much easier.

I’m not saying that is easy to change habits. To succeed you have to be very motivated and driven by a powerful goal.

The first step is to understand how your life was created and to digest very well this idea, to get used with it (such as creating a new thinking habit!).

Secondly, analyze your daily life: what are you doing during the day and how you are thinking about all the aspects of your life, how you expected your life to be. Now you can realize how your (old) life was created.

Thirdly, you have to think how your life should be; you have to define your goal, your life purpose. This will be the trigger which will empower you to change your old life in a new, better one.

You might need a coach to guide you in this process to speed up things, but if you would like to do it alone, you can do it. Anyone can do it. And anyone should do it.

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