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Facebook Timeline? It's Nothing Compared To This!
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Facebook has ensured that the notion of having a ‘timeline’ has become the latest online idea. People either love it or hate it. Mostly hate it; if my ‘friends’ are to be believed. In its defense I think many people are uncomfortable with change.

The whole notion has made me think about our personal ‘timeline’. Not the Facebook one but the timeline that each one of us has internally. It’s the domain of the unconscious mind and is used, much like the Facebook one, to store our past based on events in our life.

The unconscious mind has taken it one better however. It’s taken the notion of ‘timeline’ to a level that Facebook will never replicate.

The unconscious mind uses this virtual timeline for storing all our memories, even the ones we don’t recall consciously, and the associated emotions they hold. It can organize our past in minute detail so that nothing is forgotten… forever. It knows and remembers everything about you... everything!

Some people even believe it holds knowledge of our past lives and generations as well. That's a subject best left for another time.

Based on the sum of all these experiences, your unconscious mind is projecting your timeline into the future as well.

Want to know where your timeline is?

You need only ask your unconscious mind. It’s never hid the knowledge from you in the first place.

This is one way to do it!

Imagine you’re talking to someone and pay attention to the gestures of your hands or, perhaps, even the motion of your head. We all speak with our body and are often quite animated about it.

Run these sentences (aloud if it helps) in an animated way and see where your body indicates the positioning of these events occurred. It may be up, down, behind you, to the left or right, or in any possible direction from your body.

  • “Last week I was I was driving….”
  • “Yesterday, I was walking….”
  • “Last Christmas….”

The direction you pointed to was likely the same in all three cases. This direction is your past.

Now do the same thing for the future. Allow yourself to express with your body as you state the following sentences.

  • “Tomorrow I’m going to…”
  • “Next week I’ll take you…”
  • “The Easter after next I’m holidaying…”

This direction is your future.

Notice that if you were to take a pen and draw from where you pointed to the past and linked it to yourself and toward where you pointed to the future you would have marked out a line. It may be straight, crooked, passing through yourself, in front of you. It doesn’t matter how you “see” or “feel” it to be, this is your own personal Timeline.

Thank your unconscious mind, by the way, for showing it to you. If you doubt it’s ‘right’ (and it is) try running the sentences again and consciously point in the opposite direction to the one that your unconscious mind has just showed you.

Chances are this will feel ‘not right’ or just plain weird.

This exercise takes a modicum of trust in your unconscious mind. I know there is some people out there feeling enlightened.

There is also at least one person saying “What? Huh?

I wouldn’t tell you it’s very easy to just trust your unconscious mind and go ahead and point to your past… and then your future.

And when you’re ready you can trust, believe and understand.

Move over Facebook!

Street Talk

Joan S  

Oh, I want to know more about this. How do you interpret this knowledge? How do you connect it? Past, Present, Future? This is so interesting.

  about 1 decade ago

Hi Joan, I've just set up a FB page called Heather Bradford Writes. You may like to join me there. Yes, the line implies past, present, future. It's significant in how we interpret time and how we store memories. Simple example, if our time line runs through us we're 'in time' (in the moment) and are likely to go with the flow and maybe be late (unless we consciously decide not to). If our timeline is in front of us we can 'see' it all laid out before us and we're likely to be very time driven (always on time or stressed if we're late) and likely to clump memories more to deal with them all (but then they're not as easily recalled). The notion of the timeline is really only relevant if people want to use it for personal benefit. Hard to expound in a paragraph on a comment page! lol. Thanks for your interest Joan. Glad you're enjoying these glimpses.

  about 1 decade ago

Another interesting article Heather :)

  about 1 decade ago

FB timeline has more publicity than Heather's timeline. That's a good reason to make a fuss about it! ;-) Your mind is perfect Rob. It's just your conscious thought that might run away at times! ;-) Maybe it's you who thinks too much.... and I thought it was me! lol. You're in fine form today. Can't wait to read your next article!! Bring it on! Hope you can read between the lines and see how broad my smile is right now!

  about 1 decade ago

Another article Rob? For you or me? I'm aware I've hit and 30 and beyond. I feel like falling off the planet and having a holiday! How did AJ and Tracy write such glowing 30 day achievement articles? Feel like I've gone out with a bang! But I'll be back... have to read your article on self awareness....

  about 1 decade ago

One; what is all the fuss about on FB time line? Second; if my life's time line was laid out like FB, so what, there would be a certain amount of order there not the shambles I'm sure that is in my mind. Another interesting article Heather. very interesting.

  about 1 decade ago

Oh and a PS for the 'so what'. You're right. It's useless information unless you are using a technique that relies on the timeline for change work. So really the article is just an exercise in raising awareness.

  about 1 decade ago

Self awareness, another article me thinks?

  about 1 decade ago

This info is so neat. I have worked around TimeLine Therapy (TLT) and Time Empowerment Techniques (TET) and am in awe of the results I have seen. Thanks for this tasty bite.

  about 1 decade ago

Isn't it incredible Sherry! I would love to share more about it with people and it's one of those things that's best treated responsibly. It's very powerful and extremely effective. Glad you enjoyed the article.

  about 1 decade ago

Very interesting article. It did not help me to like the Facebook timeline though... :)

  about 1 decade ago

lol.. me either...

  about 1 decade ago
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