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Focus On Focus
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Focus on Focus

Today I would like to focus on … focus.

What you focus on in life is what you see in your circumstances. What you give attention to grows. Our lives drift in the direction of our most consistent thoughts. Have you ever met someone who from the outside seems to have a pretty decent life and yet all they see from within is what they don't have? Given time, without a change of focus, this person will most likely loose what is going good in their life. The apostle Paul wrote to his followers while imprisoned and in terrible conditions that they should focus on whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy. He chose what to focus on and encouraged others to do the same.

Just as when taking a picture there are four kinds of focus that we can implement in our lives and all serve an important purpose. Most people spend their time in a normal range of focus. They will concentrate at times on one or two things but are very easily distracted by the general “noise” of the scene directly in front of them. This type of focus is fine to use during the day to day, but it is important to be present and watch for situations and opportunities that match goals and desires that you have. Of course, this assumes that you have detailed, written goals that will make noticing these matches easy. But we will discuss goals in another essay.

A focus that is good to use occasionally, but can be overused is the macro-focus. This focus concentrates on small, fine details. This is useful when we are figuring out why we keep having the same problems or investigating an aspect of our lives that we want to change. For instance, while it is not good to give too much attention to bad feelings, it is important to know where those feelings are coming from. Sometimes there is something that we need to face and work on through counseling, forgiveness, or just loving it through. Use this focus sparingly when needed, otherwise it is harmful.

A good focus to use from time to time is a panorama view. Here we get a big picture of ourselves and the universe around us. When you realize your place in the universe, you see how important you must be if all of this creation is here just for you to explore and enjoy. You can also see how small your problems, needs, and desires are compared to the vast storehouse of wealth contained in our universe. Also it is important to notice those around you and your relationship to them. What is really important in this world is the bonds we have to those we love.

My favorite and I believe the most important focus to use is with the telephoto lens. We use this focus to see off in the distance and to bring it in to clear vision. Having firm, set goals as mentioned earlier makes it much easier to know what to bring into view in the photo studio of our mind. This photo lab is more powerful than any Hollywood studio. In your mind you can create any scene or combination of items that you desire. As you concentrate on those things which bring you joy, you move them closer to you. Anything that has ever existed or will ever exist began as such an idea. Imagine it, expect it, take inspired action, and continue to believe until you receive it.

With love, peace, joy, and abundance


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