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Horrible Bosses
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Horrible Bosses

Why do we keep doing it?

Why do we keep clocking in and out, day in and day out for horrible bosses? It is so bad they made a movie about it! God forbid, we put forth a little effort, think outside the box, take risks and push the envelope! Not if you are working in corporate America! There are rules! And rules must not be broken, and if we break the rules we get a slap on the wrist like a 12 year old kid, and all for rising above and challenging the system! This is what we call a "poor dad" society!

We are trained, by our "poor dads" to go to school, get a "good job" and provide for our families. We become so conditioned to clocking in and out and dying to "the man", that we don't even stop to think about the alternative. So we go though the motions unable to break the cycle that our parent set into motion for us. We are tired, miserable and unappreciated, but "that's life". So we sit back and watch the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Well, what if we were to challenge the system? What if you just quit your job, because you got slapped on the writs for breaking the rules one too many times? What if you just refused to ever do a job you hate and instead of tirelessly pursuing a career and a boss that doesn't appreciate you, you decided to tirelessly pursue financial freedom on your own terms? There are so many ways to make money independently: be it network marketing, affiliate advertising, buying and selling online, falling in love with a product and encouraging your friends to try it or just charging a little to teach someone how to sing, dance, act or play a sport!

There are very few of us that chose to take this risk, but those "rich dads" that have, make a lot more money than my "poor dad". They work just as hard, the difference is they are happy, have more time with their families, and CHOSE to work when they want to! And the best part for me, is that I am REWARDED for thinking outside the box and pushing the envelope when I am in business for myself!

I recently quit all my jobs that caged me in and suffocated the life out of me and I couldn't be happier! Money is tight for a while, but I know that my energy, drive and work ethic will pay off in my pursuit of financial freedom! I will say that if you want to be told what to do, and not have to think at work and just pay your bills, then taking the risk of being your own boss probably isn't for you! I do not think being self employed is easy, it's a continual pursuit of finding multiple streams of income.

If you want to have a life like no one else around you and shake things up, then "lets break some rules!!" I am so tired! I work so hard! I have taught full time as a theater teacher sacrificing my entire life only to bring home enough to pay my bills and continually be told I'm not good enough! Guess what? I quit that job! I was working a night shift as a waitress after my first attempt at a major business went south. My horrible boss tried to take my phone on my shift because those are the rules! Guess what? I quit that job! I have almost matched that salary already as an online affiliate for Zeek Rewards.

With the internet and network marketing there are limitless ways to make money as your own boss. All the "get right quick" stuff isn't it!If you truly want to kiss your horrible boss goodbye and never look back, be prepared to put in some time and work and don't give up until you start seeing the revenue.

This concept works out for me, because I actually LOVE TO WORK! I am just done doing it for people who don't appreciate it! Time for me to earn what I am worth and break some rules!

Take a risk! Dive into something you love that you can make a little money at today! See what happens, not only to your bank account, but to your passion, drive and desire to get out of bed in the morning!

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Awesome article!!

  about 1 decade ago

Such a great article you have, great resource I enjoyed reading it...keep it up and thanks, Sarah!

  about 1 decade ago
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