How Can You Manage Your Career To Move Ahead In Life?
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How Can You Manage Your Career to Move Ahead In Life?

The quality of your career dictates the quality of your life. For this reason, you shouldn’t leave it to chance. This article will teach you how to manage your career to advance in life. At the end you will find a niche list to ponder over for a career online.

You can make a huge, positive change in your life when you switch from “working for a living” to “developing a career.”

It is terrible if you just choose to take a “job,” taking little or no interest in the income or the nature of the work, and instead concentrating on your pastimes and interests. Know that you are dropping out halfway and this wouldn’t take you far.

Interestingly, human psychology teaches that we derive a lot of personal gratification and self-esteem from our work. Our work and our self-esteem are closely interlinked. So, you can’t just take your job casually and still feel good about yourself.

You feel unhappy if your work is unsatisfactory. People stuck in such jobs find that their unhappiness infects other areas of their lives and people close to them and practically nothing makes them feel good.

Escape your dead-end job before you harbour regrets about your life

Unfortunately most of the jobs being created in mature economies these days are low-end, low-wage service-oriented jobs, like fast-food restaurants, delivery and store clerk jobs.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t start here and advance. And although some of the companies resort to internal promotion, the odds are stacked up heavily against you breaking free of low wage jobs if your education is low.

Should your education be severely limited, the best solution is to seek a high school diploma. Beyond that, Career Training (I will come to this in the last article) should be your ultimate objective.

But if your level of education is acceptable, you must start your journey upwards with career thinking. That is, changing your mentality from “jobs” and “paydays,” to a “career” and a “career path.”

“Path” here signifies that the career can be developed, can be moved forward, can make you progress from one level to another, can allow you opportunity for growth, all along your career.

At the end of this article is a list of niches in which you can make your career. The long list may confuse you as to which one to choose. But don’t worry.

When you begin your training at Wealthy Affiliate, you may choose a passion, an interest, in which you will be trained or the bootcamp training which will guide you in doing affiliate marketing. Very soon, you will make your own very choice. Trust your judgement to do this.

Reach for a better job, the next or essential step up in your career

An offline job may be necessary to pay for your online one. If you don’t have a job yet, begin seriously looking for one. The economy may be hard, jobs tough to come by. Or you may be stuck in a job that you don’t like, for reasons such as low pay, overdue wage increase, overlooked promotion or advancement, but the tough job market discourages you from looking for another one.

It was the reggae singer Bob Marley who said in one of his songs, “When one door is closed, many more are open.” Know that for industries that are experiencing temporary difficulties in the economy, there are a couple others that are prospering.

Traditional industries that are laying off workers or not hiring at all are often in the news. But you hardly read of countless smaller, growing companies that are keenly looking for new employees. Better, the internet has opened up a whole new gamut of opportunities that were not available to us a few years ago either to find employment or create our very own.

You’ve been hearing of people making it big on the web and maybe wondering if you can do it too. Yes you can. There are still plenty of opportunities for a person who has adequate education and preparation, a positive attitude, and an honest desire to develop an online career.

Four sure-fire ways to landing a better job

Way ≠ 1: Keep an optimistic, determined attitude: Don’t concentrate on the disturbing news about the “tough” economy or the “tough” job market. Instead, focus on the numerous opportunities available.

Way ≠ 2: Organize your “Sales story”: Any time you look for a job, what you are doing is “selling” yourself and your services to an employer. So, it is important to make notes of your best qualities, past accomplishments, reasons why you are the best candidate for a particular position, and have solid references. Use these to prepare resumes, fill out job applications, and to answer questions in conversations and during job interviews.

Way ≠ 3: Don’t limit yourself to only advertised openings: “Helps wanted,” “Situations vacant,” “Job openings” in newspapers, trade magazines are important to land jobs. But don’t ignore the “hidden job market.”

The secret of the “hidden” job market

Research findings from some of the largest employment agencies and outplacement firms show that less than 25% of well-paid jobs are filled by employment agencies or applicants directly responding to advertised job openings. The remainder are filled by recommendation and referral or by enterprising job hunters who simply propose their services to companies without regard to whether they were recruiting or not.

What does this “75% factor” mean to you? Put the word out! Let everybody you know who is already working, your accountant, lawyer, banker, pastor, as well as your family’s, know that you are looking for a job. Build a list of companies you’d like to work for and contact them, even if they have not advertised any job openings.

Way ≠ 4: Be prepared always for your next career move up the ladder: Make use of opportunities such as employer training, online training such as the one offered by Wealthy Affiliate, and self-teaching with books, other publications, classes, seminars and webinars to be in the “I’m ready for my next, better position” mode all the time.

Three proven ways to job security, wages increase and promotions

Way ≠ 1: Out-perform your present job: If you set out to do more than what is required of you, your excellent, outstanding work will ultimately be noticed and rewarded. This is because excellence at “small things” inevitably leads to big achievements.

Way ≠ 2: Create opportunity in or on your job: Have you heard of “intrapreneurship”? This is a sort of an “inside entrepreneur.”

The “intrapreneur” is the worker who creates new opportunities within the corporate structure and environment. They are not content with just accomplishing their assigned, described job, but they also look for ways to expand the scope and value of their job, and bring innovative ideas for improving some aspect of their job or for helping their employer’s achieve their objectives.

Way ≠ 3: Become over-qualified: A sure way to move up the career ladder is to develop the education, thinking, habits, behaviour and image of someone who is fit for that new, higher job.

Should you consider working from home “entrepreneurship”?

The last few years have brought an incredible explosion of home-based businesses and online entrepreneurship! The internet has enabled even ordinary people to have unbelievable opportunities to create businesses like never before.

Whether you are a college student, retired individual, new career seeker, laid off employee, minimum wage worker, etc. (You’d find a complete list in the last article), starting your own business, from home, in your spare time, is not only an opportunity to earn extra income but it can also help you to develop new and varied skills, build up greater self-confidence and establish useful contacts with people all over the world.

As your spare time business grows, you may develop it into a full-time one, and become your own boss for life. And why not, be famous like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mike Zuckerberg and many others who leveraged the power of the internet to create world-class corporations.

Today’s exercise is going to be considering a niche list. Which of them interests you? Which niche would you most like to succeed in, as quickly as one year from today?

Yes, when I started learning with Wealthy Affiliate too, I was asked to give myself at least one year to succeed as I built my authority site.


Here below is a list of very targeted niches:

  • Entrepreneur Programs
  • Website Marketing
  • Local Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Twitter marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Linked In marketing
  • Google Adwords
  • Google content network
  • MSN Adcenter
  • Clickbank
  • Ebay
  • Amazon
  • Rakuten Linkshare
  • PayDotCom
  • Commission Junction
  • Data Entry
  • Home Business
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Article Marketing
  • Getting Rich Quick
  • Become a Millionaire
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Self-Employment
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Affiliate Networks

These are all hot topics and highly related to what is offered within Wealthy Affiliate. Anyone looking for help in any of these areas can easily get help and get training within the Wealthy Affiliate community if you look a little deeper you find that there are even more than the obvious listed above.

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