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How To Increase Your Personal Power, Part 2
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How to Increase Your Personal Power, Part 2

“When God closes a door, he opens a window.”

A well-known phrase, inspiring hope and future possibilities. Consider, however, that we don’t need to wait for God to close the door if we’ve come to realize the potential of the window. After all, God, from all evidence, would prefer to not get involved. Not because he doesn’t care, but, like any good teacher, he wants us to figure it out for ourselves. So, should we decide to go for the window, we must make the conscious decision to close the door, further committing ourselves to the only alternative. ‘Jumping in with both feet’, so to speak.

In other words, if we are ever to become more than we are today, we must first accept the necessary demise of some of the ideals we presently hold dear. It may be that our minds are effectively limitless in their capacity to hold memories, but our working minds are based on a hierarchy of values, and conflicting values cannot exist at the same level, less we go insane. Therefore, it is paramount that for a new value system to be introduced into a particular position, the one presently existing there must be moved or eradicated.

Example: “It is wrong to steal,” cannot exist side by side with, “it’s okay to steal.” However, “It’s okay to steal if I need to feed my children,” could be considered a sub-value (extenuating circumstances that offer us the chance to be flexible and adaptable.) The steadfast hero, brimming with character and proper values, might be the yardstick by which we would like to measure ourselves (given that nothing around him changes,) but the survivor needs to be flexible, and such luxuries as moral fibre and ‘social niceties’ have no place in life-or-death situations.

As such, reader, do not delude yourself: if what you’ve been doing up until now has not resulted in the life you desire, you ARE in a ‘life-or-death’ situation. Namely, either you adapt to earn the life you want, or die believing that the same actions are going to lead to different results.

Have you ever watched a tourist raise their voice and repeat the same thing to someone who doesn’t understand their language? It’s insane to think that would actually work. But, the truth is many people go through their lives expecting that just by doing the same thing they’ve always done, only more often, or with more enthusiasm, will change their lives, primarily because they don’t want to admit to themselves that their original decision was wrong, inappropriate, or no longer valid. We all come to points in our lives where we must accept that the path we’re on is no longer leading us towards the destination we seek. Everything in life changes, with or without our consent, consideration, or conscious awareness. Accepting that will open our eyes to notice these changes, and adapt our actions, accordingly.

Let us use an analogy that will demonstrate this concept in a different light.

Mary normally catches the bus to work at the bus stop located at the end of her block. However, because she doesn’t watch the news, she failed to learn that because of street repair a few blocks away, her bus has been rerouted to the next block over. On Monday morning, after waiting for an hour at her regular bus stop, she needs to take a taxi to her job to avoid being late. The same thing happens on Tuesday, and by Wednesday she isn’t even waiting at the bus stop, calling a cab instead. Because of her mental inflexibility, she erroneously assumes the bus route is no longer active, doesn’t look for alternative explanations, and this ends up costing her dearly.

The point is, what worked for us so well in the past only continues to be valid as long as nothing else changes. What was true yesterday may not be true today, and even less likely to be tomorrow. Einstein said, “The only constant in the universe is change.” If we don’t accept this, and adapt accordingly, we are destined to live in the past.

Accepting that we live in an ever-changing world gives us the ability to constantly be upgrading our potential, offering us the greatest possibility of success and happiness. Remember, confidence is proportionate to the degree with which we believe we are in control of our own lives. Our control is dependent on how flexible we can be in face of ever-changing circumstances.

Self-control doesn’t have to be about ‘maintaining the status quo’. It can just as appropriately be about controlling when to be flexible, and when to have the self confidence to question our own perceptions. Confucius said, “The tree that will not bend, will break.” It’s easy to be rigid, but it’s definitely not the best thing, in the long run.

As always, this concept is for your consideration, and whether you decide it applies to your life or not is entirely up to you.

Light, love, and the strength to be more.

Michael B.

Sept. 4, 2012

Street Talk

Sherry B.  

Great article and a good reminder that if something in a person's life isn't working do something to change it for the better! Otherwise, it will be the same result day after day.

  about 7 years ago
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