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When we learn something new, doesn’t matter what, at first we understand how it works, then we repeat it until we can do it without focusing on it.

This is the common way of human leaning.

We learn in this way to walk, to write, to read, and to drive, to communicate in foreign languages, to cook and many, many other skills. We also learn bad habits such as smoking, drinking, wasting time, watching TV. Our daytime is a line of habits collected during our past.

Even the way we think is a habit, the most important of all.

All that we get in our life and the circumstances inside which we live are the result of our all our habits.

There are moments in our lives when we say ‘enough!’ and we decide to change to live a better life. We read books on personal development, think about our future, decide how our life should look like, make a plan, as they teach us, and we start. The first two, three days everything is ok, then another two days we still do the tasks but without too much enthusiasm. After a week we go back to our ‘normal’ day schedule forgetting about our big plan. Then, we begin to search for information regarding motivation, to find out tips on keeping us on track with our plans.

We eventually try again and again with the same ending result. Now we have the proof that we are not capable for more in our live and we assume the failure. We think that success if not for us, it is for other more fortunate then us and, worse of all, we accept our present life considering that there is nothing we can do to change it.

Have you ever been there? I will tell you something: almost all people (including me!), were there.

The good news is that there is a way of beating this feeling of helplessness, a way of changing everything.

Let’s suppose we already know what we want. We have a clear goal and a plan and that’s wonderful. Now we have to commit to go on a long journey keeping in mind that at the end of the road you’ll get your dream life.

The first thing we have to do is to become conscious about all our bad habits and assume full responsibility of building them during the past years and, very important, accept them.

In order to get rid of all our bad habits we identified we don’t have to fight with them. What we have to do now is to replace them with the good habits we decide to build from now on.

To get results, we don’t have to overdue anything. The step by step approach is the best. We have to continue to live with our bad habits and start the process to replace them one by one.

So, what you have to do is to make a deep analysis of all your habits by watching yourself going through all your activities during several days and identifying which are good and which are bad for your personal development purpose.

Then, you have to decide which new habits you would like to develop and make a detailed plan which will become the first part of your big self improvement plan. You should cover all the aspects of your life, not only one of them which interest you the most (including wealth, health, and relationships, spiritual).

Keep in mind to be patient and to do small steps daily. After a while, you will see the big changes coming in your life.

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