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Institute Personal Growth
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Institute Personal Growth

To say that you wish to achieve something without attaining personal growth is akin to not achieving anything at all. Personal growth and achievement are so closely intertwined with each other that they cannot be teased apart.

If we want to achieve something we need to have the discipline and will power to forge ahead regardless of the obstacles that seems insurmountable. In fact, the more we want something, the harder it will become. It is for this reason that many people do not achieve what they really want. They tend to give up in the face of obstacles.

To make our goals more achievable it is good to have a mentor. Having a mentor builds into our sub-conscious mind the kind of achievement that we want to achieve. It is like having a mirror before us.

The second principle is the determination to get out there. We may have to spend some money or reinvent ourselves. Closely aligned to this is the need to have a circle of people who are go-getters. We may not be fully aware but we tend to make similar friends and this reinforces where we are. We should do the reverse and increase our networks. To a large extent we are the products of our environment.

To achieve personal growth, we must most certainly read or study something new. It should be something that will help us to attain our goals. If we do not have this we will lose stamina and fall back. It does not have to be something that culminates in an examination. But we must understand what we read and apply it.

There are many people who have achieved much in life. We should look to them for inspiration and emulate their ways. The nutshell of all this is that it boils down to one word - discipline.

It may seem easy but that is the hardest. This explains why having mentors or role models are so important. Human beings are like ants. We tend to be social and follow the herd instinct. If we are left in isolation, we will lose steam and lose interest.

The secret, I believe is that the more we do it, the more we grow to love it. The more we love it the more successful we will be because we are happy doing what we are doing. If we are not happy doing what we are doing we will never achieve success.

The way to happiness in life is through self-improvement. We are meant to grow and develop ourselves. If we come to a standstill we will not find meaning in life. Perhaps it is because of this that people who did not find what they love to do never find meaning in life.

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Your article is very thought provoking, Juliana. Good information here. Nice job!

  about 9 years ago
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