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Its Just Not My Day!
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Its Just Not My Day!

Very often , we say to ourselves, whether in desperation, frustration or just out of plain sadness... "Its Just Not My Day..."!!!!

It has happened to each and every one of us... a day, when every thing that could go wrong , does, and even some things that could have worked out, doesn't.... its just natural to be irritating, crazzed out and plain angry... I won't talk about how one can control anger or frustration of the day... because honestly, if you have been in such a situation, trust me, nothing helps... what I m going to talk about is how to end such a day peacefully, where nothing has worked out for you....

We cannot control all the events and all the people in our lives, can we... and trust me, stupid, insane incidents do happen... we meet a lot of idiots on our way to work.. our Boss gives us the worst assignment ever possible... we have to share the lunch table with the co-worker we hate, fail to meet deadlines because of someone else's laziness and to top it all, when you reach home, you find that probably your spouse had an extremely sucessfull day at work... trust me, it makes us feel even worse...

So here are some ways to end a bad, bad day peacefully... mind you all these aren't prescribed by psychologists or stress counselors... they are just my tried and tested ways... hope a few of them works out for you too...

1) A Warm, Warm Shower... any day, when my Creator isn't particularly happy with me, and burdens me with the most frustrating day, I come home, and head for a warm shower... this really helps... a warm shower doesn't help erase all the bad memories of the day, but it soothes and calms me down... it feels as if standing here will ease out all the pain.. of course it doesn't, but it does help... physically at least...

2) Cry... while in shower, I think of the day, from its beginning... and sometimes I bawl like a kid... crying is a great method of healing, and I have the support of a thousand psychologists when I say this... Crying does help... and crying in the shower helps particularly, because no one else hears you, its just you... so no matter what age bracket are you in... if you had an honest, bad day... go to the shower first thing when you reach home, and cry your lungs out... you'll emerge feeling a lot calmer and satisfied...

3) Have a hearty meal... yes its true, its just that often times we don't realize it... a good meal has a huge effect on your mental state... after you have had the shower and the cryig time, pamper yourself with a good, wholesome meal... mind you, a good meal doesn't ways mean a gourmet just means eating what feels really good to your stomach and your tongue... and trust me, most of the time, a plain, home cooked meal does wonders to our state of the next time, you have had a bad, bad day, you know where NOT to head to for a good meal... your plain old kitchen, does it just fine...

4) Early to Bed... when I have a bad day, I head to the bed a little early, instead of uselessly chatting with my hubby, or even seeing some morbid show on the idiot box, or instead of checking my fb status, I head off to my bed... making love is off limits those nights, because, when I don't feel good myself, how would I express happiness, though I have known, making love does help with stress, but till date I haven't tried it out... you guys can...

5) Thinking back... while lying down in bed... with all the lights strictly off, just think about the day... each and every single incident, right from the time the radio alarm went off and you got out of bed... slowly, reviweing each of your actions in your mind... its a little like playing a video record of some bad event are already tired from the day's chore, this will definitely help you sleep faster, and trust me if it doesn't, you'll start seeing some of your own actions in a reverse manner... this is the best part... no day can go wrong fully without our, own significant contribution towards it... though we may have overlooked our actions then, its when you are reviewing your day slowly in your mind, that, those incidents, stand out fresh and clear... then you go, oh shit, probably I shouldn't have done that thing, or said what I said... etc etc... and this really helps... beacuse the next time, consciously or sub consciously, you will be careful about what you say, to whom you say to etc...

So these are five simple, tried and tested methods of mine, to end a really bad day peacefully, mind you, I am not saying, happily, but peacefully... so do try them out, and do lemme know, if they worked out for you...!!!

Street Talk

What good suggestions! I do some of them already and they really help for those 'icky' days!

  about 9 years ago

yeah... they are just some handful tips... thanks for stopping by..!! :)

  about 9 years ago
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