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Knowing The Right Time To Follow Your Dream
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Knowing The Right Time To Follow Your Dream

Are you one of those people who likes to set New Years resolutions? Plenty of us do. Two of the most common resolutions are to lose weight or stop smoking. However, the majority of people never make it past the first week before giving up. Lots of people say their failure is all down to the date, but it’s obviously not just on January 1st we make resolutions for ourselves.

You may have a long held dream, that you turn into goals and start working towards mid year, but along the way something starts to go wrong. You become demotivated and disenchanted and then give up. This tends to happen quite early on and yet you don’t know why. Well one of the key factors to success is knowing the right time to follow your dream. If for some reason your heart isn’t really in it then you're setting yourself up to fail.

If you want to successfully fulfil a dream try asking yourself the following questions before you start.

1. Is it the right time?

Only you can know whether it is the right time to start turning your dream into goals and start fulfilling them. Not only do you need to think about whether it is the right time for you, but what impact that it might have on others that could affect your motivation.

2. Am I committed?

Be honest with yourself. Is this something that you really want? You might know someone who has tried to give up smoking, or tried to give it up yourself but have never been able to do it. The reason why peope often fail to reach their goals is because the commitment isn’t in place when they start. Don’t bother to waste your time if you’re not currently committed.

3. Do I believe in myself?

In order to be successful and achieve your goals you must start out with a strong belief in yourself. Other people can support you, but the belief is tied up with your self-esteem and only you can banish any doubts. Be ready to shut out any negative self-talk.

4. How determined am I?

You know there will be times when things may go wrong but you need to know that no matter what happens you will pick yourself up and carry on. This doesn’t mean that you don’t review or change direction if that’s the right thing to do – but you don’t just give up without trying.

5. What motivators work for me?

Everyone needs motivators to help them achieve their goals. Sometimes that may be something internal, sometimes it’s practical such as a goal buddy or some kind of reward. Choosing the right motivator for yourself can really help you to succeed and it’s a good idea to think about it right from the very beginning.

Summary Following our dreams is all part of our normal life. If you’re ready to follow yours, just take a little time to ensure that you know that it’s the right time, you’re committed, determined, believe in yourself and have some strategies that can help to keep you motivated.

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These are awesome points you made. Thanks

  about 4 years ago

Good points. Motivators are indeed useful. Determination and belief in yourself are critical. Timing can make a difference. Even the smallest commitment can build into bigger and bigger commitment, action and results over time. Thanks.

  about 6 years ago
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