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Life Is, Living And Learning From Our Experiences
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Life Is, Living And Learning From Our Experiences

Life is the period of time from birth to death for a species and in humans this, on an average, lasts seventy years.

Throughout the ages there have been many thoughts and views expressed to give a precise and wholesome definition of life. This has been a most challenging and difficult undertaking.

The truth of the matter is that although there are things which are common to all of us, each individual experience is something quite peculiar and unique. In this regard one would have to take into consideration so many various and may be all the experience of every human that has lived that it becomes quite obvious that this is more than bordering on the impossible.

However, this only reinforces that life as we experience and understand it is a strictly personal and unique experience. Life is what we make it. Life is living and learning from our experiences.

In spite of these challenges; there are observations, proverbs and wisdom of the ages reflecting the accumulation of the total human experience which we can always use as a guide. We learn from our own experiences and that of others and in this regard we can make many truthful statements about life.

If we look at the word ‘LIFE’ as an acronym, then we can express an observation that LIFE is: Living In Fulfilling Expectations!

These expectations range from our basic biological and social needs or desires to the more complex social and spiritual ones, based on the goals or missions we set out to accomplish.

Our basic biological needs and expectations include the desire for food, water and sex. Sex serves two main functions that of recreation, (the secondary function), and procreation the primary function which ensures reproduction and the continuation of the human species.

Social needs include the desire for shelter, a sense of belonging and social recognition.

It is in the aim to fulfil or satisfy our basic biological and social needs and other more complex ones that we set as goals or mission to accomplish, that our individual human experiences unfold.

During the unfolding of these events we acquire experience. How we interpret these experiences depend on a whole host of interacting factors. These include our upbringing, socialisation, culture, psychological conditioning, and place of residence, especially in early childhood, exposure to traumatic situations and of no less importance our level of education and the specifics of our education and training.

The goals we set out to achieve, our social class, rank or status and the prevailing socio-political regimes under which we live, the current events at the time and the access we have to information, our losses and victories also play a significant role in the way we interpret the events occurring around us and the lessons we choose to learn.

There is no denying that people who are in one and the same situation will give various interpretations and misinterpretations of that specific situation.

Humans are all fallible and foible, without any exceptions. Fallible is that function characteristic which makes us prone to make errors and mistakes. Foible has to do with those behavioural traits which are specific and unique to an individual.

Given we are fallible we will make mistakes. There is nothing inherently wrong in making mistakes. Many such mistakes are actually due to ignorance of situations we find ourselves in. But, even in very familiar, routine or habitual situations we often mistakes. Quite often, what we later analyse as mistakes are when events do not unfold in the manner we initially predicted or desired, or when the consequences or results of an action or actions have far reaching negative impacts.

Success, it is said, is a poor teacher. We often learn, interpret and understand situations better in life when we experience failures. This is because, when things are going the way we desire we tend to relax and credit ourselves for being much smarter and wiser than we actually are.

However, when things go wrong, whenever we fail or experience the turbulences of life, then we begin to analyse, look deep into things to try and figure out why, when and where we went wrong. Efforts are usually made, (by those who are prepared to learn), to minimise the recurrence of those mistake and turbulences.

We are what we think about. Our thoughts and actions define who we are. Things happen to us and things happen because of us. By our thoughts and actions we attract people and events into our lives.

Everything happens in life and we cannot control, determine or even predict every event or circumstance that will ever arise. But, what is most important is for us to accept responsibility and realise that we have to deal with whatever situation arises.

When we are on the ground, whether we fell or was pushed down or whatever the circumstances that caused us to be there, it is our responsibility to get up.

Darkness presents the opportunity for light to shine. The person who is truly optimistic and highly motivated will always see or analyse the trials, turbulences and tribulations of life as challenges to overcome.

It has been said that a fool does not learn from his mistakes. A sensible person will learn from his mistakes, but it is a wise person who learns from his or her mistakes and that of others.

As we live and learn from our experiences one of the indisputable ironies of life is: Good judgements come from bad experiences and our best judgements are from the worst experiences!

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