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Life's Vision - Life's Boundaries
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Life\'s Vision   -   Life\'s Boundaries

The First Nations people designate a person to be a Vision Keeper - one who hangs onto the vision of the people and holds it before the people even when things distract. Visioning is a gift, but I believe that the gift is available to all who will acknowledge it. Imagine your life without any vision at all, no dreams of a possible future, no hopes or expectations of brighter days ahead. Without vision, life would surely seem myopic and dull.

It has been said that where there is no vision, the people perish. I would add that if we do not have vision for our own lives, we may well perish; certainly we will languish in the mundane experience of a visionless life.

So what is this vision stuff all about, anyway? Does it have any redeemable meaning for you or for me? I believe that it does. I believe that every being must find his or her vision of the world. And we must find our vision of the world with ourselves in it. What is our part in the world? Where does our life journey lead us? What means something to us? Who means the world to us? And how do we live that out?

Too many questions? Perhaps.

One thing is certain: you want to make sure that you are the Vision Keeper of your own life. You want to be sure that you are the person who defines what is important for you and who you have chosen to be inside your circle of friends and family.

You might be asking how that works in real life. For instance, how do we have the power to choose who is a part of our life? Is not that already determined by birth and by marriage?

The answer is in one word: boundaries. Regardless of who is in your life by circumstance, you choose the place they will hold in your life by creating personal boundaries. The concept can be hard to explain with words but much easier to illustrate graphically. Consider the attached graphic.

It shows an illustration of a life with an inner core, with close relationships, and with peripheral relationships. Around the inner core is a solid line and around the other concentric circles the outline is a broken line. That means that each of us has an inner core that is indestructible. No one can breach that inner core and harm us in any way because we are made to be whole persons with soul and spirit safely intact.

Conversely the circles representing close relationships and peripheral relationships are penetrable. The closer you allow a person in, the closer to your inner core, the easier it is for that person to harm you in some way. So you make the choices of placing positive people into your life circles. Or put another way, you create your own boundaries, always remembering that your inner core is ultimately safe and protected.

Creating personal boundaries in your life is a part of keeping the vision of your own life. It’s a healthy exercise to explore exactly who is in your life and what place they hold. From there you can create healthy personal boundaries and keep your vision for your life alive.

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