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Make The Decision To Improve Your Life
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Make the Decision to Improve Your Life

Improving your life is completely within your grasp!

Understand and accept, our belief systems dictate EVERYTHING.

This is inevitable, and inescapable. Whether we think we have come to our own conclusions or we’ve been conditioned to believe a certain way, our belief systems continue to be our realities only because we don’t believe we can change them, or are unwilling to. We must learn to accept that our belief systems are the bottlenecks between the interpretations of our past experiences and our resulting behavioural patterns.

Here’s a true example of someone I know: as a child, a friend of mine was tutored in math over the summer break by a very nice woman who fed bananas to her baby, then finished off the remaining banana mush herself. Her breath would be heavy with the distinctive smell. Given that my friend was stuck inside studying math when wishing to be outside with her friends, she unconsciously associated the smell of overripe bananas with being disappointed. As an adult, she continued to wrinkle her nose at the smell of bananas until she realized what she was associating them with. Once she understood the connection, she was able, through repeated conscious decision, to break the illogical relationship and enjoy bananas once again.

Most of us are self-aware enough to accept that we make our own realities to a certain extent. If we want a particular career, we study for it. If we want to own a new car or home, we plan and save for it. None of this is new or difficult to appreciate. The interesting thing is that with the limitless roads we could take in our lives, most of us travel down the path we see others taking. The path most traveled; the path of least resistance. We “float” down the river, so to speak, rarely using our God-given muscles to swim against the current into the smaller streams where the beauty of the surrounding jungle is unknown and possibly spectacular, and the waters unfettered by the presence of countless others. We make most of our decisions based on the results those before us have achieved, and rarely dare to make our own discoveries. Many of us make the decision to improve our lives, but how many of us know how to do it effectively, or even have the willpower to get beyond the initial stages?

So, why do we do this? Why do we call ourselves individuals, but live like sheep?

The first problem lies with our education. Education takes up a huge part of our youth, and understandably has a respective impact on our thought processes, and therefore, our behavioural patterns. We are trained from our earliest days, even before ‘organized’ education, to serve, not to decide for ourselves. In a way, it’s understandable why this would be necessary: “to many cooks spoil the broth,” so to speak. There are those who don’t want you to follow through with your decision to improve your life.

Those who are ultimately in power over us, through their education, have been taught to prevent any competition for their positions of power. Power is a drug, and, as anyone who’s ever had any can easily tell you; the more power you have, the harder it is to let go of it. Imagine how difficult it must be for those who have power over the multitudes of the world’s population to relinquish that power. Even though they may not believe it, they are just as human and therefore just as fallible as the rest of us, so, their addiction to their power is inevitable.

“We rise to the level of our incompetence.” This means as long as you can do better, you will be put into a position to do so, until you can’t do any better. Unfortunately, this is prevalent in many aspects of our society, which means that a vast number of employees are effectively at least somewhat incompetent at their jobs, or are presently on their way up to such a position. (Knowing this, you would think that once a person is found to be incompetent at their position, they’d be happy to be demoted one notch to where they would continuously be competent. After all, logically, it would seem to make sense that a person would be prouder of his/her level of expertise in that position than the level of the position itself. Imagine the state of an economy if such a policy were put into practice!)

Part of the problem here lies in the attitude that education ends at graduation. How many times have we heard someone say, “I’m done with school,” not realizing that their education never stops. The truth is, the attitude of openness towards continuously learning is not prevalent in our society. Although the responsibility of this attitude is ultimately upon each of us, the initial blame for its existence is not entirely our fault. We, for the most part, are conditioned to be satisfied with just enough education to acquire the things we are told we need in our lives to be happy.

As much as this is a fact, it is also a fact that we could become so much more. Just like our modern day computers, our minds are not aware of their own potential. But being aware of that fact can make it easier to believe our potential MUST be greater than what we presently think. We must consciously decide to improve our lives every day, like exercising our muscles, regardless of what the media or other “insistent voices” are constantly telling us to do. Remember, for the most part, governments and advertising companies know MUCH MORE about your mind that you do, and they have no qualms about using that knowledge to their own ends. Your only real defense is to recognize this, decide to fortify your mind against them, and forge your own destiny, every day.

In this, the 21st century, we are only beginning to understand and utilize the incredible workings of the human mind and its connections to the realm we accept as our reality. What we DO know is that we use only a tiny fraction of the potential of our minds. Beyond the abilities we’ve come to imagine we might be capable of; telepathy, telekinesis, molecular manipulation through thought, etc. there may be talents we haven’t even considered or imagined yet. The reality of our abilities is a new country we’ve barely stepped foot on. But, you CAN make a difference, right now, by committing to changing your life.

Have you come to the end of your path, the top of your mountain, the pinnacle of your potential? Honestly, how sad would that be if it were true? Revel in the fact that you CAN understand more, accomplish more, and be more than you presently are. It’s not speculation, it’s a physical reality.

However, as with all things, it will only become YOUR reality when you accept it as true.

Like always, it’s up to you.

Light, love, and the strength to be more.

Michael Bourque.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Street Talk

Wow! I had to read that twice through! It's a lot to digest. I especially like the 'go with the flow' river picture. I am sure that many people just go through life never really knowing why they do things. Your banana story is an example of that. Hope to see more great food for thought coming from you! I liked, G+'d and tweeted your article!

  about 1 decade ago

Thank, McK. It's very gratifying to know that I'm making even a small contribution to someone's day. I hope my future blurbs will be just as entertaining and/or enlightening for you. If you have any suggestions what you'd like to read about, I'd love the input. Thanks, again.

  about 1 decade ago
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