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New News About Science
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New News About Science

Have you heard the new news about science?

Removing acidic waste is more effective than diet and exercise. It is more effective because when you remove acidic waste you reverse aging. Is that not what you want?

It gets even better. When you remove acidic waste, you not only look younger but you also become healthier. All disease comes from the same root cause: too much acidity in your body. You either alkalize or die.

This is the new news about science. Tragically though, scientists do not want you to know this. If they let you know doctors will be out of jobs, health shops will close and perhaps even the cosmetic industry will die a natural death.

All forms of cancer are characterized by two basic conditions - acidosis and hypoxia (lack of oxygen). Cancerous tissues are acidic. Healthy tissues are alkaline.

We are now experiencing a worldwide health care crisis of degenerative diseases caused by acidic waste. Examples of such illnesses are diabetes, cancer, all forms of arthritis, gastritis, obesity, fibromyalgia, mood disorders, eczema, memory loss, acid reflux, Alzheimer's, allergies, back pains, lupus, senile dementia, cholesterol, MS, heart disease, gout, high blood pressure, stroke, constipation, kidney failure........

If you want to be healthy, you need to consume food and drink water that has a pH of above 7. You also need to have positive emotions and engage in healthy activities. It is even better if the water that you consume is micro-clustering comprising five to six molecules because they allow greater penetration and easier absorption by the body. Micro-clustering provides better hydration and elimination. On the other hand, our regular water has clusters of fifteen to twenty molecules. These larger clusters limit absorption by the body.

Have you wondered why more babies are being born with abnormalities notably autism? Their mothers are lacking in oxygen and this is transferred to the baby. As a result, the child's brain is deprived of oxygen and the brain is not able to function the way that it should. As the child develops this deficiency is taken to be the norm and the child's development becomes stunted.

Our environments have changed so much with industrialisation and the effects of global warming but we tend to think that the air provides oxygen. If you believe that there is such a thing as global warming and that it has caused irregular climatic conditions throughout the world do you honestly think that the air can provide oxygen for lives to flourish?

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the new news that you have not been told because they do not know the cure for this. So they have a fixation to curb global warming. This approach will not bring about the desired results for mankind because it is too big a project. We cannot reverse what we have so proudly called advancement.

In fact it is going to get worse because as if industrialisation was not enough we have now entered the space age and products that emit radiation are in our homes and even in our pockets. So what do we do now?

Change your water and change your life.

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