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Ok everyone, first thank you for reading my article. I am new at this but, I think what I have uncovered is important and I wanted to share it with you. Online education has made a positive impact on my friends, family, and my educational goals and opportunities. It has affected me on a personal level by changing my work ethics and my beliefs in the importance of higher education. My online education has not only been an encouragement to my friends to go back to school but it has encouraged to the people around me. I think this alone is important for everyone to look at and realize. I have set a good example and have been a positive role model for my children when they see how hard I consistently work to get all assignments turned in on time.

My kids understand that it is ok to struggle and still get it wrong through seeing me day after day reaching for my goals and being persistent. I have a daycare in my home and I really have the wonderful opportunity to communicate and share what I have learned in my online education with the parents of the children and the community everyday. I am a more positive goal-oriented person that stands tall, and online education has opened the door for a multitude of learning experiences and opportunities for me.

Online education is important to society because it has made getting an education easier for many people. It is an excellent and effective way to further one’s education when they are unable to physically attend classes. It has allowed the common person to achieve greater education from the comfort and convenience of their own home, and at their own pace which often results in attaining a higher paying job or receiving a promotion at their current place of employment. Online education has allowed society to discover a way to educate our school drop-outs and truant students so they can finish their education in an environment that fits their situation. It also provides lower and middle class citizens, who would otherwise not be able to afford classes or attend classes due to family or work obligations, the same opportunities for higher education that upper class individuals have access to, allowing them to change their lives in a positive way. It can also be a very effective tool to help you obtain higher degrees allowing you to climb the corporate ladder while maintaining a job.

Let me tell you a little history about how this got started. There use to be what were known as diploma mills back in 1992. When congress learned of these types of establishments, they stepped in to help stop this from occurring by passing a law that takes federal student aid away from any college with a majority of online classes. This law was reevaluated in 1998 when congress started a pilot program called Distance Education Program. This program gave back the federal student aid to a select group of schools offering online classes so congress could study the effect federal grants had on enrollment and the quality of education.

Apparently this made other colleges wake up and take notice and they began offering what was known as open courseware programs. They placed lectures and other course material online to be freely accessed by the public. Now you can still find some free courses but the best degree programs can be found cost money.

After this the internet learning opportunities were endless for many that wanted to attend a college and university. Thank you for reading my article and I really hope this was motivation to at least look into your future and maybe even the future of your children!

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Great article,thanks!

  about 1 decade ago
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