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Mental Health is something which affects millions of people but yet so many, too many, of those millions are afraid to talk to someone about what they are going through. I myself know only too well the fear that grips such issues having suffered with anxiety and social phobia for many years now. For a non sufferer, that person may appear to just be moody or rude but I assure you this is not the case. Anxiety and phobias create such an overwhelming fear within a persons life that it too often seems as if there is no way out, but let me also assure you that there is!!

Now I for one was, at one time, practically unable to leave my house without being gripped by fear. The second I would leave my body was overcome with panic, fear, feelings of sickness and dizziness. This was all due to my mind telling me that I had to get back indoors, back to my ''safe zone'' as crowds or social gatherings were going to harm me.I couldn't go to restaurants, go to bars, fly on planes, basically anywhere that there were crowds or that I felt like I had ''no exit''. Of course the rational me knew that what I was feeling was totally irrational but I still could not help it! But after much research and after opening up to family I finally began to feel some relief!

To this day I still feel that one of the greatest helps for me was when I took the plunge and told the people closest to me what I was going through. Yes it's true that most did not have a clue what I was talking about but they did understand that I wasn't just being awkward, they now knew that there was something making me be like this which took an enormous amount of guilt and pressure off my shoulders. It also gave me more confidence to look for more help.

Firstly I visited my GP and explained my story. He wanted to put me on medication, namely Xanax, but this was not the road I wanted to go down so after much inner debating I binned the tablets. I'm not saying they don't work or they are a bad thing, I just wanted nothing to do with potentially addictive medication. So my next step was Hypnosis, something which at the time I knew very little about. Having searched in my own time I found many helpful articles and ebooks as well as some very good self help hypnosis techniques.

Because each person is different, you will have to settle on what you feel is right for you, but I'm living proof that these aids can and do work. Be patient with yourself. It's not going to be an overnight change but given time, it can and will happen.

Most importantly, BELIEVE in yourself!!!!

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I too have anxiety so it is great to see you doing so good. I could not sleep at all for a while. With theropy and meds I am doing good. It took a long while though. Many people suffer in silence..don't want people to think you are nuts. GOOD FOR YOU!

  about 1 decade ago
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