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Respect Me And I Will Respect You
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Respect is something you should learn as a child, but if it was not then I truly think it is not impossible to learn later in life. But either way it goes you are either a respectful person or a disrespectful one. I do my best to respect others around me, as well as teach my children to be respectful. This is not an easy task to do sometimes in the world today.

I am amazed at the lack of respect from some people. Sometimes even my children. I want them to understand you will get a lot further in life being respectful, grateful, and humble. But there are times when the respectful people just get messed over, and I put that in a nice way. It happens time and time again. When you are disrespected by someone it makes you question yourself, wonder did I do something wrong or what did I do wrong. Sometimes it may seem like it just does not pay to respect others in any way. Especially when you get disrespected over and over by the same people. When will it be enough, when will you put an end to it and move on. Put these people or that person behind you.

Well I don't think respect is too much to ask for, especially if you have given nothing but that. But no matter how respectful you might be or think you are, there will be someone or many people in your lifetime that will disrespect you. It may be friends, family, your spouse, co-workers, and even church members. You may find the ones who push God and all that implies are the most disrespectful, ungrateful people sometimes. But there will be this type of person in your life at some point in time, or you may be one of the lucky ones and not have to deal with this.

Now I will tell you how I have learned to deal with them. First and foremost, I do not feed into the behavior, most of the time they are like this for a reason, and only they know why. But I will not allow myself to get on that level. When you do this it makes you no better then them. I just don't understand the mindset of a person that is disrespectful (and I lived with one for 12+ years). I don't feel like it helps the situation to get on their level. You are basically giving them what they want, which is your attention.

No one likes to be disrespected but the best thing I feel you can do is don't give the the opportunity to do it again. Let them take their insecurities, jealousy or whatever the hell beef they have with you or people out on someone else. Because I can assure you that whatever you may try to do or say will not phase them because they don't really care about you, or anyone else. The only person they care about is themselves. But in the end the lack of respect you show for others only shows you have no respect for yourself.

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Julie, It sounds to me like you have been the victim of bullying behaviour, probably on more than one occaision. I would like you to know that the Target is usually the brighter more intellient one and the bully (disrespectful person) is trying to find your weak point to gain what they consider control over you. This is an insidious disease creeping through the Western World and you are correct it all starts from the disrespect for others. It seems like we have all forgotten that Jesus told us "let the one who is without fault strike the first blow" No one did, interesting is it not? I feel that usuary and greed have led to this - a world where 80% of the money is now in the hands of the top 5% or so of the wealthy, who will not agree to higher taxes and fairer work conditions. In these circumstances lack of respect is no surprise. In fact I am surprised that the revolution against it is taking so long to arise.

  about 1 decade ago
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