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Self Actualisation Quest
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Self Actualisation Quest

The quest for self actualisation begins young in life. It is, however, something that must be matured into. A process of growing, achieving, setting goals and working towards the achievement of larger and more heartfelt goals.

To have self actualisation is to obtain a desired dream. To have known what it is in life that an individual feels will complete them and to have had the courage to pursue it against any odds.

In youth, or early adult life, a person puts a lot of energy and resources into pursuits often directly unrelated to a life goal. Many haven't even matured into knowing what their passion or desires might be.

Youth is often a time of formal education, sexual fulfilment, vocational endeavours, financial discovery, marriage or relationships and parenthood. Separation from parental guidance sees people finding their own path to acceptance from peers and themselves.

As people mature and find their own niche in life it is often the time of reflection on what they truly want.

When someone is happy and successful in their chosen career or ambition it is a reflection of the rest of their life. Likely it is support from other areas of their life that has given the foundation where direction and achievement is made possible.

Consider how focus on your goals and dreams could be improved if the following basic needs in your life are met.

Physiological Needs

These are the most basic needs that a person has. The need for food, water and health and what is necessary to achieve and maintain it. Nothing saps motivation or desire to achieve a personal goal more than illness or lack. Focus becomes primarily on the need for survival and acquiring these necessary needs of life.

Safety and Security Needs

What is required to achieve safety and security may vary from individual to individual. In western society it would probably be agreed that money and housing are a large part of achieving personal safety and security. For many people these things require a lifetime of sacrifice to personal ambition to achieve.

Love and Belonging Needs

A basic desire of people in general is to have a sense of belonging and to feel worthy. This provides emotional security. It can be achieved in a secure partnership (marriage or similar) or by belonging to a supportive group or family.

Self Esteem Needs

Approval from others and from self gives people a confident self-esteem. It allows people to be successful, to achieve more and to believe in the possibility of their dreams.

When needs are met it is easier to look to the future. Goals seem closer and more achievable. People are more balanced, secure in themselves and ready to obtain their most desired dreams.

Street Talk

How true Heather, it takes some longer to find this inner peace and happiness, and some find it early and then loose it within their ambitions. Others just never know when they have found it, can't remember what you call those types.

  about 1 decade ago

If they don't know they've found it then perhaps they haven't. Maybe it's just us looking in that judge where they're at and think they should have!

  about 1 decade ago
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