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Self Help Part 3
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Have you heard of bestselling author Noah St. John? He invented AFFORMATIONS and they're taking the self-help world by storm. If you are wondering what an AFFORMATION is, it is an empowering question. So instead of thinking "I just can't lose the weight”, you think "Why have I lost 10 pounds?". Your mind responds to questions and the question should be formed as if it has already happened. This is just a brief explanation, Noah explains in detail in his book The Secret Code to Success. I have started using it in many areas of my life and have noticed some positive changes happening.

Nightingale Conant have been the world leaders in personal development since 1960. They have a wonderful selection of books, movies, courses and audios to choose from.

As I said in my previous article, you need a support system. Family, friends, spouse/significant other are all important resources. Just keep in mind that they may not feel uncomfortable at first with the "new you". It isn't that they don't want you to succeed; it is just unfamiliar to them. You sometimes need someone outside your immediate group to talk to and encourage you. Whether you need help in your personal life or business life, getting a good coach is a great resource. One-on-one coaching will help you find out what LIMITING BELIEFS are holding you back from having everything you want.

I am currently enrolled in the Miracles Coaching program and am finding it very helpful. My coach is great and the "homework" is relevant to my situation. Sometimes you need that knowledgeable person to hold you accountable and spur you on. You too can attract miracles into your life!

My most resent discovery is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). I have found it very helpful in releasing some negative emotions from the past. Basically it is TAPPING YOUR TROUBLES AWAY and is being endorsed by many celebrities. From the research I have done, tapping also works for weight loss and to quit smoking. So far I have only tried it to clear negative emotions but plan to try it for weight and smoking as well.

I hope some of my suggestions will help you. Keep in mind, these are only suggestions and you may find you own path. I products mentioned in my articles are ones that I have tried and found helpful.

Besides the resources I have mentioned, you can also check the local directory in your area for a qualified Therapist. There are many of them willing to help; you just need to take the first step by calling them. Although self-help is a great resource, it doesn't replace the help of a qualified professional. Some issues are just to big to solve on your own.

If you would like more information about the products I have mentioned, please visit my website: Healthy Mind . You will also find links to some of the products mentioned.

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