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Self Improvement After Breaking Up
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love is like always been nice and makes everybody feels happy and think positively.... don't you think love can be other way around in some girls..sometime boys leave the girl if they see some one better than their girlfriends... if that's so girls think again is he really in love with you?or he just want some fun with your good side what about your bad side? he don't accept that side did he? if that's the case then maybe.. just maybe he really not love you at all... and when he see someone better than you he just broke up with u....if that's so.. maybe u have to improve your self not for him to be back to you,,, for your self to feel you good and also to make him sorry to letting you go... be positive and make your self more pretty and confidence its her lost not your... try to go to the gym or try another cloths that makes you more attractive... he will be sorry so sorry... and when someone comes the right one the really man who really love you then you see he will love you for what you are and for not what you are...and remember always feel pretty and you will be so pretty... and improve your self more and more every day and every minute of your life....and at the end some one come to love you as you are and you will be happy but don't stop improving your self... so many opportunity waiting for you when you improve your self and while you do that you ... you also do that not only for your self but also for your family and friend being better person is being better friend, countryman and you do favor to your country .. it's just like a domino effect that help other people.... self improvement is a better choice to do after breaking up with some one give your self a chance to improve... don't feel sorry to your self make some positive improvement to your self....

28 years old single mom im fat but im always feel pretty and there is always room for improvement

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