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Self Improvement Is Not Enough
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Self Improvement is Not Enough

The self improvement community has gained widespread popularity as of late. Countess amounts of people put their heads together in a effort to help shape their lives into the lives that they want to live. Countless articles are being written to help their readers "improve " into the person that you want to be.

The self improvement concept is a great idea in theory. The community is made up of countless individuals who are truly looking to better themselves. Sadly, I must admit that self improvement will not help you become the person you desire to be.

Self improvement - a good idea, but it's ineffective. Its a false promise. You cannot obtain the life that you want to live through self improvement. With self improvement alone, you will be on a constant journey to become the person that you want to be - a journey that you will never finish.

As pessimistic as this sounds, I only say this to offer you a better method of becoming the person you want to be. That method is CHANGE. - a small word with big connotations. Change is something that is hard to face - but it's the only way to become the person you ant to become. Here's why.

You're not the person that you want to be

The person that you dream of being , and the person that you are are not the same person. You may have striking similarities, or that person in your dreams may resemble you - but you are two different people.

The person you desire to be is wildly successful, confident person. You can't simply improve to be this person. You have to change to be this person.

Improvement does not make you into that person

No matter how the person you dream of being is, I can assure you that the person is someone with no self doubt and no limiting beliefs. It is a person that is fully satisfied with themselves. In short, it is someone full of confidence.

"Improvement" cannot give you the confidence that the person you dream of being has. Unshakable, unmovable confidence is something that you have, or you do not have. Its not a meter that you build up until you reach a certain point where it becomes "unshakable".

This means that self improvement is inadequate. The things that you've learned from self improvement articles, and the methods they have for teaching you how to be confidence is useless in comparison to change. You will have some inspirational quotes committed to memory, a nice little collection of self help books, some self affirmation tools at your disposal, and a better understanding of social situations, but you're still the same person nonetheless.

The only way to be that person is to change

In order to be the wildly successful person that you dream of being, you're going to have to change as a person. You're going to have to change into a more confident person, a person who believes in their self - a person with no self doubt. Change such as this requires a change to your core beliefs and ways of thinking.

The problem is that people don't want change. They want to think they can improve because it's much easier to improve than to change. Change is uncomfortable. Change takes effort. People don't like you when you change. Change is scary.

However, if you're courageous enough to go for it, here's how

How to change into that person

Change starts from the core. To change who you are as a person, you must change your dominating thoughts, values, and beliefs. Essentially, the thoughts that dominate your mind have a huge influence on your perception of reality. You must use this to shape who you are as a person.

It's like a dream. If you're someone who's able to recall your dreams, I'm sure at one point or another, you've noticed that every thought in a dream eventually plays out. Reality is the same way, except the timetable for your thoughts playing out is significantly longer for reality. But the fact of the matter is, that your thoughts are what controls reality.

That being said, you must eliminate all doubts from your dominating thoughts. You must believe that you deserve wild success in life in whatever you strive for. You must do away with all limiting beliefs, and you must understand that your mind has the power to accomplish anything.

So now, I encourage each of you to rid yourself of the idea of improving into he person you want to be, and start embracing the fact that you must change into that person. If you're skeptical about this, you're still not ready for change - best of luck to you as you try to improve. However, if you can accept this, you're capable of becoming the person you dream of being.

I understand that this was a very in your face article. I didn't hold back, so make sure that you don't hold back in the comment section. Make sure to voice any comments and leave any questions that you may have.

- Jerry

Street Talk

Self improvement that does not embrace change is empty!

  about 7 years ago

Change does start from the core! Thanks for the reminder.

  about 9 years ago

This is so true. You can't fix a problem from the same space it was created in. One consistency of life is change. Change can equal growth if done mindfully. Thank you for a great article!

  about 9 years ago

"You can't fix a problem from teh same space it was created in" Exactly, that pretty much sums up the article. I'm glad that you could comprehend because in actuality, I had trouble trying to organize my thoughts and get them down into one article. Thanks for the comment Pete - I appreciate your support.

  about 9 years ago
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