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Stand Out, Be Strong And Achieve Your Destiny
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Stand Out, Be Strong And Achieve Your Destiny

Those that have achieved ultimate success and achieved their desired destiny have had to stand out, be strong and overcome tremendous obstacles in life.

They have not only managed to achieve the impossible, they have taught others many great lessons along the way.

They have consistently built a motto of strength, power, and personal drive to achieve success.

Dare to Be Honest

Napoleon Hill indicates in his book, “The Law of Success” that one needs to be honest with himself and his fellow beings to truly be successful in life.

Without honesty, relationships friends, colleagues, and above all, yourself, will crumble and life will be meaningless. Remember to be honest in all transactions, conversations and dealings with others. If you can’t feel the joy of gaining success through honest acts, you have lost the joy in the journey.

Dare to Stand Alone

One of life’s greatest challenges is to believe in yourself; even when others lose faith in your good intentions and effort, or possibly disagree with them. Stand strong and surround yourself with those that support your goals and desires; if you don’t have anyone right now, build upon your belief in yourself.

If you have faith in yourself, and you know what you are doing is a righteous and promising goal, stick to it, even when it may be difficult. Thomas Edison made over 3000 versions of the light bulb before he mastered a practical version. Where would we be today if he would have given up? I’m sure he got discouraged, and probably received some criticism along the way, but he never gave up.

Dare to Be Persistent

Persistence is truly a life art. Never giving up, even when the odds are against you; that is the mastery of persistence. Remaining focused for good, even when times get tough. Anyone can succeed when life is easy; it measures the type of person you are when there is adversity and you conquer it.

Have you ever studied Abraham Lincoln? What a tremendous example to all of us! He was born in poverty and rose above it. He lost 8 elections and became one of the most successful presidents the United States has ever had. He started two businesses and both failed; but then went on to run an entire country. He met and became engaged to the love of his life, but she died before they married. In emotional pain and grief, he had a nervous breakdown. Within six months he not only recovered but went on to accomplish the difficult task of conquering the controversial practice of slavery. He was always willing to stand alone, if necessary and persist even when times were difficult when he was standing for what he believed to be true.

Dare to Gain Strength from Challenges

The true character of a person comes with the unexpected challenges that enter one’s life. When those challenges enter your life, find the inter-strength, the inter-power to overcome them, grow from them, and turn them into a valuable learning experience. Sometimes they knock you off your feet for a moment, but quickly pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and stand strong in adversity.

Everyone suffers discouragement, pain, and struggles. What divides the wheat from the tares is how people view those challenges. Viewing challenges as one step closer to success, however you define it, will gain tremendous ground. Teach yourself to quickly rebound, rethink, restructure and conquer.

Dare to Be Strong

Being a pillar of strength emotionally, physically and spiritually is frequently a challenge. Life happens, and within the natural course of life, we are faced with challenges that blind-side us. Many of the great masters that have lived in this century overcame the impossible by learning to overcome perceived barriers; they focused on the possibilities not the failures, and knew what they were going to accomplish, not what they wanted to accomplish.

Truly being successful means experiencing and enjoying success in all areas of your life; personally, professionally, financially, spiritually, physically, etc. Without balance in all areas, one cannot truly experience success.

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