The Development Of Human Thinking
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The Development Of Human Thinking

The way of thinking is formed by upbringing, education, environment, entertainment, by the influence of experiences and similarly. However, one thing is to have some mental potential and completely a different thing is to be able to use it in all circumstances, which is something the absolute majority of normal people are not capable of.

Among the reasons for this we can find mainly wrong assumptions functioning like a block that makes the intellect of normal people cease to work in some circumstances. Let's take one normal person as an example of it.

One mid-aged man strongly supposes that all the Christians want "Jesus Christ" to come "back", so that when his brain encounters the indications of that that it is not so, it ignores them without thinking about them. In the same way he supposes that every policeman protecting the weak could not support the torture of the innocent human souls or the poisoning of innocent people, so that when this man meets the indications of it, he does not take them into account at all.

Sad to say, normal people are not every time able to think logically. They often suppose wrongly, that when somebody does something good and manifests compassion with others, it is very unlikely that he would be one hand with the worst inhuman evil.

However, you should know that such an assumption is absolutely illogical, because: "If someone does good deeds, it does not mean that he is good. It only means that he does the good deeds. But the true reason for it can be hidden and in quite a few cases even very evil."

For example, "babes in the woods" - Hansel and Gretel - have always been given a good gingerbread from the old witch. But did it mean that she had loved them? Or the clones in movie "The Island" have always received the best health care, but did it mean that they were loved? Also the pig is given much more good food than real love till it is slaughtered and eaten in the end. In the same way Hellish people can do any external good that can have any evil ulterior motives.

I believe that it is useful to quote from "Reversed Meaning": "Several edited notes on "the psychology of thinking of normal people": The majority of normal people have Hellish people for the best friends of their life. And when normal people encounter something unusual up to shocking, most of the time they go to ask their Hellish friends (or other Hellish people whose judgment and knowledge they honor) what they think about it or they take a look into the Internet, into the books, on discussion forums and similarly.

For example, in case of what I claim, from all these resources they would "learn", that apparently there is not anything like it. And then they remember that my claiming is bullshit.

Dear normal people, many years ago I had the "honor" to get to know negative beings that speak and write through people and the passages of the Bible correspond to their style. It looks as if Christianity, similarly to the other honored religions, was at least partly founded & made up by Hellish people in cooperation with various Hellish beings.

Hellish people terribly lie to you normal ones. They have set up a certain system here, the essential part of which is your ignorance as far as the main questions of your spiritual existence and what expects some of you after death (and sometimes already during life) are concerned.

In conclusion, there is one interesting psychological aspect related to the thinking of you, today's normal people. Regardless of how much you are clever or stupid, educated or uneducated, as soon as it is about Hellish people and spiritual existence, you are on the level of imbecility. Shortly, you do not manage to use your intellect in this field. This mutilation of human thinking is the result of thousands years lasting planetary totalitarianism under the reign of Hellish people."

As a "thickened diversion" (that is how I call them because they have 60% of the Circle of Knowledge covered strongly and 40% skipped totally as one big empty space), Hellish people cannot develop normal people fully. Moreover, they keep deliberately a part of that 60% of theirs hidden from them.

The result of this is a terrible one. Normal people get one part of the knowledge in a very precise and correct form, one part in a deliberately-wrong form and one part is skipped fully, which results in the above-mentioned "mutilation of human thinking".

It has gained such a high degree, that for instance even if all the world's top positions were using some not too striking indications of something related to Hell & underworld, normal people would not notice it at all, because subconsciously, by their entrenched assumption, they take the world's leading positions for something what is not Hellish.

But there is another factor, an emotional one that blocks the thinking of normal people as well. Because they are not able to see the core of the Hellish, they only perceive their surface, which means external appearance, externally-visible behavior, the tone of their voice and similarly. And being significantly influenced emotionally by all that, normal people are not fully able to listen to the call of their intellect, especially when it tries to tell them something different than what their emotions say to them, caused by superficial perceptions.

One way or the other, I estimate that under the reign of Hellish people the normal only utilize correctly about 40% of the potential of their thinking.

Let us suppose that the human intellect has four main degrees (that in some cases can be mixed somehow). The first one is capable of "root inventions", which means basically new principles & things (= the cleverest fraction of today's normal people); the second one is capable of "superficial inventions" with the help of principles & things already invented by somebody else (= the minority of today's normal people); the third one is not capable of inventions, only of the repetition of what it was taught, but together with own logical improvisations (= the majority of today's normal people); and the fourth one is not capable of inventions, only of the repetition of what it was taught, but without own logical improvisations (= the stupidest minimum of today's normal people).

For example, the "first intellect" will invent a personal computer (= usually Hellish people), whereas the "fourth intellect" will only be capable of doing some simple work on it that it was taught to do (= usually normal people).

Officially, there are various tests accordingly to which many normal people are very intelligent and clever. However, when testing the human intellect we should use the proper methods of testing.

Personally, I would remove the absolute majority of the examinations of memory, since even an idiot can have a good general (or even some special) knowledge and language skills (I call such people "Mr -" or "Mrs Memory"). But the true intellect does not consist in the learning of what others thought up and what they have invented. To ape is the quality of the apes and not that of really intelligent beings! And, sad to say, in this respect the majority of normal people are almost like the apes.

Above all, the tests of human intellect (that, by the way, can hardly be tested correctly by other humans) should consist of something what in majority does not include the performance of memory and what mainly tests the ability to think and solve the tasks by an independent approach. It should primarily be something what the subject did not encounter in his life and what he does not know by heart. Although the knowledge of memory would not fully be ignored in the tests, it would only get very small points of let's say 10% value, whereas that "independent thinking" would get the remaining 90%.

In spite of what I have said, I do not underestimate memory. It can be the most suitable advisor, but only when it has learned the most convenient knowledge from the best resources, which in practice happens only in some cases. But when in a society I dream of (only normal people without the Hellish + the most advanced Health Service completed by euthanasia for the incurable ill and too intensely suffering patients + simple farming + simple production only of the means that are necessary for a reasonable life + basic positive spirituality), people would be taught well and their memory would find its best use.

Well, now please let me tell you something about my personal experience with the development of thinking. It happened a longer time after I have written my e-book "Supergod" and I had tried to get some new thoughts in different branches of human endeavor than in those that I have been interested in so far.

I did not know where to start and just for fun I had tried weapons. And what happened after it was unbelievable. Rackets with atomic warheads became eliminated like something very limited and ponderous. They have to be launched from somewhere and then to fly to somewhere, they do a lot of side-damage and they can be tracked down and quite often even neutralized. They are a low level and at the same time very impractical.

Then other methods appeared. For example, how to evoke some reaction in the body of people living in some area that would destroy them and how to use for this bad goal a combination of normally-occurring things and elements (one set creates "the mediator" and the other set is naturally located in people). The result was that that for instance all the people (or some human race) living in several big cities or in one country would suddenly die and all the other at the same place would remain untouched, whereas before the attack those who did that could not have been tracked down by any means and there was no defense against their actions.

However, after few such ideas there was a sudden conclusion: All that is absolutely insufficient! The reason was that that there was something much greater. It was a weapon without a weapon. Such a set of circumstances that made any defeat impossible! No matter who and where you are, you cannot lose to any enemy.

There are only two sufficient possibilities: Either you exist in a closed reality (our Ball with predestined events going on in it), where your success is planned in advance (the most fundamental need is the good statics & future of the dimension you live in and your good predestined Fate in it), or you exist in an opened reality ("Endless Spaces") where you have such technological means that keep you safe in the local environment. Only in these circumstances no enemy & no weapon can endanger you.

Everything must be under 100% control and anything lesser is unacceptable! There is no option of any risk since even the smallest one could destroy you even if it was very improbable. Supergod lives eternally only because he follows the best and most reasonable rules.

In conclusion I will add that I would forbid the production of weapons of any kind. Weapons and martial arts for fight against people (both developed mainly by the Hellish), make people fight their own kind. But does a society with positive relationship among all of its members need these war things? The difficulty is that we are two kinds, normal and Hellish people, and it creates the majority of problems.

Then I have tried Health Service, more exactly the improvement of diagnostic equipments. And after a short time they have appeared.

All the tissues was possible to display and not only this. Without any contrast mediums the overall picture was better than the today's one with them. Many small plates, diverse points, alternation of various distances and reflecting frequencies including also the monitoring of the continuity of all the actions in the human body.

For example, the exact time of the release of every single hormone was judged in dependence on the release of all the other hormones, so the entire endocrine situation was mapped perfectly as well as the succession and sequence of all the other actions in the human body (even without unpleasant wearing of some sensor-like things). Because all the tissues were seen including the activity of brain cells and the physical condition of particular nerves, it was the end of psychiatry, since so-called "psychical diseases" were displayed as a clear (micro)physical damage that only required a physical cure, although with a little bit of psychological help, of course (by the way, there is only reason for psychology and not for psychiatry that should be discontinued).

I am afraid that Hellish people most probably do not want any diagnostics equipment that would be that good, in the same way like they do not want the one that is able to display the soul within men, since normal people would then see that many people are Hellish. But, hopefully, such equipment could be made by some skilled normal guy, if he would create it alone and without consulting his work with Hellish people, which is something what almost all the normal people do when they are after anything interesting.

Another thing was vehicular traffic. It was possible to create such rules and such vehicles that would prevent almost any injury during any possible accident. Even if you overturned during it or if it was an (head-on or side-on or any other possible) impact from full speed, you should not get injured at all.

Low maximal speed (see my article "Health Care") and such a construction that would use non-sharp surface together with springs softening the impact and protective circular components (possibly combined also with externally-repulsive field that would help to lessen any impact, but such fields can be detrimental to health, which would exclude their use), an engine with such accessories that would make it safe to the driver or anybody else even if it was experiencing any type of malfunction, a different placement of roads avoiding any dangerous surroundings and similarly.

Although more comfortable could be hovercrafts with energetic shield around them to soften any possible crash and so minimize its negative consequences, but hardly any energetic field very close to the driver will have no detrimental effect on his health. Of course, a fly in a very low height (several meters) using a low-only speed is what I would prefer here also, but it would have to be safe for the whole Nature.

But to be frank, so far I was not in a mood to devote to this subject, so that related thoughts of mine about it are not inventive. But even if they were, such things are probably inapplicable in a society managed by Hellish people (more people, more changes, big distances that must be overcame quickly, no true interest in a society in which people do not suffer at all etc).

Then there was entertainment. I have got the idea of how to compose songs, either a smaller number of more complex ones or a higher number of those more focused on some detail (the same principle is in everything else in our Ball).

You, normal people, should understand what a big influence entertainment has upon you. It teaches you what to dream of, you can get to know some heroes of made up stories who inspire you and who you sometimes even try to identify yourselves with and so on. By means of entertainment Hellish people influence your attitudes to this or that and similarly.

As for music, the part of melodies are abused for making normal people reach certain emotional attitudes and they are also full of subconscious codes and ambiguous influences. In this respect the music is similar to the products of cinematography.

For example, one of my favorite TV series was "Highlander". But apart from the range of positive aspects it is still limited somehow and it also contains some conscious and subconscious Hellish stuff. To mention some illogical thoughts, the immortals could not go crazy from pain, because they have always regenerated to the original state including that of their brain. Or it is more probable that such immortals would not strive for the each other's head, but on the contrary they would perfectly co-operate with one another creating a collective that would make use of all the normal people of this planet and so on.

Well, I have imagined myself creating a TV series with a similar subject, that is a man with a very long life who outlives all those who he loved. But you cannot imagine what would be in this story by me. For instance, unlike the "Highlander" it would consider the capacity of human brain in view of all the recorded memories from the past.

First of all, my hero has a habit to devote one day in the year to honor the memory of every single close being he outlived & loved. But gradually he finds out, that after 365 deaths of his closest ones, which is the same number like that of the days in the year, he already cannot do that anymore. Then he remembers the loved deceased ones less and less and he is troubled by it, getting the feeling of betraying them.

But there is no room here to discuss the other outcomes of so many loves and deceased ones, of so many places and experiences. I can only prompt, that after all the ages he lived through, in the end the hero learns about Supergod, too.

The truth is that we need a more suitable entertainment than the today's one made by Hellish people, but even the best & most reasonable one is still entertainment only and the most important thing is to be allowed to experience what we need to experience and no TV series can fully replace it. Above all, we need to be realized by means of what we are living through, although a bit of entertainment and dreaming (of what could be there and is not) can sometimes be its part, too. But the need of the real experiencing is much greater than the need of the dreaming of it only.

For example, what price does it have for a man to only dream of a beautiful woman and to never make love to her? Although such a dreaming has its price anyway, it only satisfies a few minority psychological needs, whereas the main one remains unsatisfied.


Develop your original and independent thinking, widen your fantasy, make your own entertainment (perhaps there is no suitable software made by Hellish people for making movies) and try not to ape during it :-)

However, there is a question of whether or not is suitable for you to develop the mental potential in the fields of the human endeavor that are located beyond your interests. So you have two main options: to increase your general potential by devoting to diverse things that do not necessary belong among your interests or to increase your mental potential only within the range of your interests.

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