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When it comes to extraterrestrial beings our attitude varies. We either have the attitude of, "Don't know don't care, too scary to think about, take us with you".

Just like how we audit ourselves and others we MUST be that way when we audit other beings from different planets. Just like on this Planet we have beings that are questionable it's the same that goes for them. They too can fall to the darkness just like us. They may not have the amount of destruction on their planet like we do, but you can't just blindly trust any beings that present themselves to us.

Don't know don't care attitude, will get you left behind. This attitude will keep you in a self-serving vibration, which can stunt your growth of evolvement. You may not care about your soul’s growth now, but there is a movement that's taking over this planet. A spiritual revolution is taken place, where we are finally connecting the dots and seeking our own truths. This revolution is opening many eyes and allowing us to see our connectives not only to nature and animals on our planet, but our direct connection to extraterrestrials from other Worlds.

Too scary to think about is based on fear. From utero we all have been conditioned, from prenatal vitamins to pain killers we take. In my opinion this is call the virus of the mind. Meaning, we have the belief of the majority. This virus of the mind can be a good thing or devastation. In this case it’s a bad thing because most of us on earth believe that all the alien races do not have our best interest at heart. Certain shows and movies depict other species as being "bad" for the human race. So we tend not to open up our minds to any new possibilities to other creations. By holding on to this truth we continue to be fogged up in this lower existence.

Take us with you attitude can get you in trouble. People in this mind frame tend to put extraterrestrials beings in an adulation position. When you idolize something too much it tends to do no wrong. This attitude can not only be dangerous but downright reckless. They are just like us in some ways. They too have families, have romantic partners and enjoy themselves in their own environment just like us. They aren't Gods; we are all a spark of the divine. WE are Gods ourselves.

Be open-minded but be smart. Go to your place of worship inside you and trust and follow. Trust and follow from a place of truth not from a place of obsession. Explore, be who you are, but just like anything else, do it within moderation.

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