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The Power Of Forgiveness
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One of the key ingredients to having a better life and enjoying it is learning the power of forgiveness. Forgiving is one of the most loving things that you can do for yourself as well as all others. When you hold a grudge against someone or something, you believe that you are exercising a form of power that will somehow affect the other. Most likely whoever or whatever you are trying to affect isn't even aware of your feelings. Even if they are, you are the one who is actually most affected by not forgiving. It has been said that holding a grudge against someone is like holding a hot coal in your hand, you are the one being hurt.

It is also important to remember that you may be the one you need to forgive. Are you blaming yourself for something you have or have not done? Remember that in every situation, you and everyone else has acted to the best of their ability with their current state of mind and situation. That is not to say that all actions taken are the right ones to take. We all have the freedom to choose what we do in situations and we make the choice that we think is best at the time. If you have done something you regret, realize that you have grown as a person. You now see from your new enlightenment that there was a better course of action. Keep this lesson in mind as you move forward and forgive your former self who did not have this knowledge.

You should also forgive just for the health of it! Grudges and bad feelings are physically kept in your body. Have you ever been stressed and then relaxed and feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and that you can breathe easier? Think of what that has done to you physically. Your body did not take in as much oxygen and your heart beat was most likely elevated. These restrictions have an affect on every organ system of your body. Your blood pressure is elevated, you get stress headaches, you tense different muscles in your body without the release they need to rejuvenate, toxins are not flushed as efficiently as they should be, and more. You most likely are eating comfort foods to get a temporary sense of relief and don't feel the energy to exercise. I imagine your sleep is also disturbed and not very deep.

Your mind and therefore your thinking is also very much affected. When you are stressed and obsessing about something it is like slowing down the processor of your computer. Experts say the mind can only process four thoughts at one time. If you have one or more of those four chips on an endless loop of how you have been wronged, you are not firing on all cylinders. Imagine how much better you can think (how much smarter you will be), what better decisions you can make, and how you will have more time to enjoy the present if you let go of the past. The past is in your past for a reason. It is time to let it rest.

Forgiveness is like a muscle. At first it can be painful and difficult. It will take some practice. You may not be able to totally forgive in the beginning. Be compassionate with yourself and do what is possible for you to do. If you are still mad about the situation than think of forgiving as something you selfishly do for yourself. It is said the best revenge is success. So forgive, let go, and be successful. If you are stuck in the past you are destined to recreate it in the future. Is that really what you want? Love yourself by forgiving yourself and others. It gets easier over time and it is so worth it.

Love, Peace, Joy, and Abundance

Street Talk

I like the comparison to the processor on the computer... Also, you are right it can be hard at first to forgive, but once it's done then man it is nice and it is easier the more I do it! Great article!

  about 8 years ago

I think what hurts a lot of people is the idea that you have to forgive and forget. Forgiveness doesn't involve forgetting. If someone were to take a razor blade and cut the side of my face, it would be really hard to forget because of the scar it would leave. but that doesn't mean that I can't forgive them. Forgiveness, like you said, is letting go of the negative emotions and hatred associated with the even, not the letting go of the memory. Also a lot of people believe that if you forgive someone, you have to give them a second chance. If my accountant was to steal money from me, I may forgive him, but that doesn't mean I'm going to let him be my accountant again. But I like what you said, forgiveness is for you. Holding a grudge hurts you. It takes more effort to hold on than to let go. Good article man.

  about 9 years ago

Hey Pete, love your article on forgiveness. It's amazing how much damage we do to ourselves by carrying around the unnecessary burden of hatred, anger, grudge and other painful emotions. As you indicated forgiveness is hard but it's the medicine we all seek.

  about 9 years ago
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