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The Power Of Gratitude
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The Power Of Gratitude

Gratitude as a resource

Gratitude is an oft overlooked resource that has been used by the wisest most successful people in history to make change for themselves and the world as a whole. From Jesus, Albert Einstein, John F. Kennedy, and Oprah Winfrey to name a few, giving thanks and being thankful is an aspect of their lives that helped them to achieve greatness and prosperity.

When giving thanks and being grateful, you are acknowledging the blessings that have come your way and you understand how wonderful your life is at this point. Just as if someone you had given much to came to you and asked for more without appreciating what you had already done for them, life thinks much like you would. Why give more to someone who doesn't appreciate what they already have.

How can I give thanks my life is hard!

Understanding that even the difficulties in your life bring you blessings will make your journey much easier. You will also be able to deal with challenges from a mindset of looking for the opportunities that you can extract from them. Isn't the best reaction to a problem to be able to grow and prosper from it?

So what do you have to be thankful for? Do you know that in today's modern world, even the poorest of us in the western world live better lives than the royalty of the past? The kings and queens of past centuries lived in dirty, drafty, smelly castles crawling with bugs, lice, fleas, and vermin. They didn't have central heat and air, modern communication, electricity, modern bathrooms, vast choices in food, comfortable transportation, modern medicine, and often died young from horrible, painful maladies that have all but been eradicated today.

If you are alive today, which I assume you are, you have so much to be grateful for. You most likely have the following:

  • a warm place to sleep

  • nutritional food to eat

  • clean drinking water

  • electricity to warm/cool/light your environment

  • someone that cares about you

  • a cell phone to call them on

I don't say all of this load up your guilt monitor or to make you feel ungrateful. I do want you to realize your true worth and that you live in a time and place where you can truly carve out almost any life that you can imagine.

Study and practice gratitude for success

Do your own study on gratitude and giving thanks and see how it has been one of the great engines that has helped many successful people achieve their dreams. After all, we here in the United States dedicate a special day each year to it and we have done alright by it.

Make a list of ten things you are thankful for and think on each one with a feeling of gratitude. Say thank you to everyone you meet that does something for you, even if it is a small service. Give thanks for the very air you breathe and the beautiful planet that you get to enjoy for free. With these three steps your days will be filled with more joy and you will gain success.

With love, peace, and joy


Street Talk

My husband heard Oprah comment that her life changed the moment she began acknowledging gratitude in her life. We have always taken the time to be grateful for what we have, but I have exercised a daily routine of acknowledging my blessings. It is amazing how much more positive I have become. When I get discouraged or down, the best way to pull out of it is to have a quick review of all that I've been blessed with. Great article!

  about 9 years ago

Gratitude is the single thing that can get you through the most difficult circumstances. Choosing to focus on what you have and not what you're lacking can dramatically improve the quality of your life. Just to share some of my own experiences with gratitude, I'd like to say that I'm a very spiritual person. I was taught by my parents how to pray and remember they always told me, before you ask for anything, make sure you thank God for what you already have. In my youth, I never really understood the importance of this. I just saw it as, "If you show God you're thankfully, he'll give you more stuff". However, later on in life, I understood the true reason why my parents told me to do this. This happened one day when I was praying, I decided to think of everything in life that I'm thankful for it and say it in my prayer. I don't know how long it took but it was probably one of the longest prayers I've prayed. When I was done, I didn't even feel the need to ask for anything else, because it made me realize how fortunate I already am. It felt liberating. It made me happy. Now I'm not trying to impart my spirituality anyone, but I'd challenge every to take a moment out of the day to just think of everything that you're thankful for. If you pray, then pray, but if not, just meditate on it. I'm sure it will be a good experience for you. Pete, you're a talented writer man. You're putting out some good quality content - keep it up!

  about 9 years ago

Thank you so much for the great comment and reflection on giving thanks! It is so true, when you give thanks for what you have you are happy in the now and you approach life in a spirit of abundance and not lack. Everything good is naturally attracted to you when you aren't desperate for it, so giving thanks is one of the greatest gifts you can give to God, yourself, and the world.

  about 9 years ago
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