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They Only Hurt You If You Let Them
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We live in a very cruel and hateful world. I think I have said that before. Most of us do not intentionally try to say or do anything to hurt anyone we either love, care about, or meet walking down the street. The more hurt and pain you are exposed to in your life the harder it is for you to have trusting, meaningful relationships with others. This can start form the time you were a young child fueled by the things done and said to you by your parents or other close family members.

These actions by the ones you love the most (and are supposed to love you) are the most damaging. It can take someone a lifetime to sort through and resolve these feelings and sometimes they are so repressed you don't even realize it. The other most devastating hurt and pain can come from a spouse. This can be just as hurtful as your family because at some point this person did at least show you and tell you that they loved you and would never do anything to hurt you.The last group of people or person that have the capability to hurt you are your children.

When you have children you have hopes, dreams and love them unconditionally. But they too have the ability to hurt and devastate you as well. Your children hurting you may be harder to get past then your parents or your spouse. Some people are so hurt by their children they disown them.Well as crazy as this may sound I do believe there is a way to (not forget) get past the hurt and heal yourself. I believe in the power of self. I believe in the power of me.

People who hurt you don't love or care about themselves. What they may do or say to you affects but it is not a reflection of you. You can get past being hurt and move forward with your life no matter how bad it may seem. I truly believe the first person you should love is you. Now I don't mean to the extent where you are so full of yourself you disregard others. I mean to love you for who you are and know that no matter what anyone says to you or about you or what they may do, you are special.

No one deserves to be treated bad and if you are or have been, you need to first tell yourself and second tell the person you will not tolerate being treated that way and put a stop to it. If you have to stay away from that person for a while or the rest of your life. You are th only one who can stop people from hurting you. You are the only one who can preserve yourself. Only you know how to keep yourself from being hurt.

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