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Truth And Reality Are Hard To Face
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The truth hurts and reality is very harsh. These two things could not be harder to face, especially when they involve you. I don't really think anyone likes to face the negative aspects of themselves. They use some of the negative things like a force field around themselves. They blame everyone around them for everything they can think of as being wrong or how they have been wronged instead of looking at themselves. I am 40 years old and I have had many bad things happen to me. But I have come to realize I have no one to blame but myself.

Life experiences are to teach you lesson, if you don';t learn from these lessons you will never grow as a person. Who do you really want to be? That selfish person who blames everyone for the bad things that have happen to them or the one who takes accountability for the wrongs and try to be a better person. It is so easy to blame someone else for the problems we have in our life. But like I said earlier reality is a hard thing to face. When you learn that you are (somewhat) in control of the path you take and stop following the crowd you will truly see yourself for who you are. Then you may like who you are or you may not like who you are.

But if you are like most people in the world you will continue to turn from reality and not face who you are or what you have done and blame the ones around you for everything that is wrong in your life. It's not about being cold hearted or uncaring its about opening your eyes and seeing your world for what it really is. But most people don't want to do that most people what to hide behind what they want people to see not who or how they really are.

I guess you could say I have come to a point in my life where I see me for who I am. I also see everyone around me for who they are. I never totally put my trust in anyone anymore because in the end when they prove to me who they really are I have no one to blame for being hurt but me. I read people and know that sooner or later they will show their true colors and I will be proven right and know I have no use for them.

When will you trust in yourself enough to just be who you are? People will respect you more for being yourself then for being fake. At least they will know who they are dealing with and can decide if they want you in their life. No matter how difficult it is to face the truth and reality wouldn't you like to get it out of the way so your life can move forward and grow. Don't be stuck in blame all your life because you will never find joy and happiness blaming everyone around you. You will die alone and miserable and I don't think anyone wants that.

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