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Upbeat But Still Broke
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After spending the past 7 years of my life working in the rental and retail industry, I suddenly find myself jobless. I was fired from my position of Assistant Manager and have mixed emotion to the timing of it, but also feel this could be a personal calling for me. I had devoted a total of 17 years of my life to that industry, but have never felt as nakedly used in the last 3 years of dedicated service to the industry. Today I have no savings... I have no credit... and I have no job. I am upbeat but still broke.

The average man and woman usually find themselves locked into the corporate basement without any exit plan like I have for so many years of my life. We usually live paycheck-to-paycheck, feed large families on lower wages, struggle with the cost of living, and can’t foot the bill at the fuel pump to make it 30 miles down the road 5-6 days a week working in a neighboring community just to make ends meet.

Guess what?

The cruel reality is... these problematic issues will probably lead hundreds to thousands of more unfortunate people like me and my wife, with finding themselves suddenly jobless and praying for better days ahead in our immediate future.

“I need protection”... just like the countless others out there subjected to retaliatory and discriminating reasons beyond our control. The fact is... in a struggling economy like this, hard working people are facing extreme and stress filled situations. Things like dealing with an overly aggressive leader in the workplace. In most cases employees in higher ranking positions have a tendency to abuse their authority, sometimes masking personal integrity issues they have themselves to retain their higher paying status within there organization.

Everybody seems to need a fall guy to point a finger at when things go bad as fast as they have in our economy. It’s a shame when good employees experience a serious decline in their personal performance due to the stress caused by poor leadership from their immediate supervisors along with distractions directly related to personal financial  problems.

Job security is what we all need to stay motivated and willing to do well everyday we report to work, but the truth is were just a number and expendable. Having a job in these economic times offer no guarantees for us tomorrow, it only ensures us of feeding our family today.

The one thing we must learn to do, is to think more independently along the lines of earning a living through perseverance. We have to change the way we think on how to create and sustain a sufficient income while adjusting to the negative elements of our society. Once we understand that the world we live in is cold and less forgiving,  the ambitious and willing will reach for unlimited levels of success even if forced to stand alone.

Starting an online business is arguably the best way to rid yourself of worrying about job security and focus on the unlimited opportunities that come with calling your own shots.

With that being said... I personally have been internet marketing for quite some time as an affiliate, so losing my full-time corporate job only fuels my inner desire and passion to be successful on my own even more today. But I'm going to be honest with you, there is no such thing as becoming a get rich phenom overnight. Doing business on the world wide web, will require a learning curve, hard work, and an uncanny attitude to succeed.

Learning the educational aspect to what type of internet business you see yourself doing can be cut in half, if you invest in the right training and not get mislead in the wrong direction in the beginning.

The Internet continues to swell in numbers, as people around the globe continue to realize it’s power. Please don’t waste another hour, waiting to get a call from another local business with a low paying salary and stress package.

If you are out of work or barely working right now your family deserves better, you deserve better!

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Ai Hoon  

You're right, many of us in my country are facing job insecurities or have already lost their jobs. It's really important to understand that there is no such thing as job security anymore or having a job at all. This is particularly true for those who have worked for many years and are reaching retirement or who have been working in a field that;s getting smaller, such as book publishing. Hence, we who are jobless need to think of ways to earn money besides getting a job (because there's no job to be found) because we have families to feed. I totally agree with your mindset, thanks for the article and keep up the good work!

  about 1 decade ago
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