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What Is Science Method
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What is Science Method

We are now living in a scientific age where people have become so educated that they want things proven. They want evidence and hard facts. Nobody relies on gumption or intuition anymore.

It is precisely for this reason that the medical profession can thrive and charge huge bucks. If you say that you have cancer, they will show you x-rays and digital reports showing the cell abnormality. Based on this a treatment program is created and prescription is made.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you believe that science exists outside the medical profession? Or is science contained only to medicine? I urge you to change your thinking. I do not blame you. The truth is that science exists in many facets of life. It is not limited to the medical profession.

For this reason if we want to rid ourselves of certain ills, we have to look outside the medical profession. The person who looks elsewhere will find the answers to his woes. The person who sticks to the medical profession will be doomed because he pays doctors his hard earned money but never gets well completely. So why should doctors make you well completely?

If doctors found the entire truth to the many ills of civilisation, they would be out of job. Desperadoes have made doctors wealthy. Therefore you have to take the initiative yourself and look. Doctors are powerful because they have knowledge that most people cannot understand. Moreover, they can do things to you without your full knowledge of what is really happening. You have to take his word for it.

The truth is that your body is not only scientific. It is also emotion. When you feel angry do you feel your body tightening up in your abdomen? When you are guilty or sad do you feel a lump in your throat? Have you ever felt a knot in your tummy when you were worried? Doctors do not consider such factors. You see, the human body is not only science.

If you are thirsting for science, the scientific truth is that if you are ill in any way, it means that you are dehydrated. This happens because you think that you should drink water only if you are thirsty. That is not right. To exacerbate the situation when you did drink you drank alcohol, beverages, soft drinks but not water.

Now don't get me wrong. The water that comes from the tap is not what it used to be because of environmental and climate changes. You need scientific water to endow you with wellness. It is the science method that gives healing - not the doctor. Anyone can use the science method.

Take note too that there is good science and bad science too. Bad science is all that concoction created by man presumably to hydrate but only add to your woes. Examples are canned drinks and bottled water.

If you want to live and see many more scientific methods, you need water - not a doctor.

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SPot on. Nice article. Water is going to be a very sought after commodity sooner than we think.

  about 9 years ago
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