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What Prevents People To Succeed In Life And How Can We Release It?
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Nothing does stop us to achieve success in life but our mentality.

But what is mentality? It is simply the way we are interpreting reality we are living in. The reality is as it is; there are simple facts, situations, statistics. We are those who give these facts significance.

A divorce is a fact. A couple who some time ago decided to get married takes now the decision to separate from one another. If you discuss with the two ex-partners, you will hear two different interpretations of this situation. If you speak with their friends or with their parents or children you will hear other interpretations. Each one has his own story about what happened.

But the most important story about any situation in our life is our story. Because what we think about a circumstance we are in will influence our future life. And the good news is that we really can change the interpretation in our best interest.

A divorce can be seen as a dramatically event in someone’s life or as a beginning of a new, more promising life. Losing a job can be a either an end of life or an opportunity to start something new. Even an accident can be seen as a bad luck or as a chance to re-evaluate everything in life and make important changes for the future.

Optimists see the glass half full while pessimists see the glass half empty.

Mentality is our attitude about what happens and what is possible to happen in our life. It is our mindset regarding everything we live and everything surrounds us in our life. We have a mindset about money, a mindset about love, a mindset about friendship, about marriage, about rising children, about our place, about job issues, about success and fulfillment in life. The mindset we have is determined by the education we received, by affirmations and opinions of others regarding experiences we or they had in life. Our brain receives all this information, process it according to our interpretations and create the framework through which we see our reality and our perspectives in life.

Through this framework, unconsciously, we are telling us a story about our life – how it should be, what we deserve to have, to be or do in life, what we are capable of. Our life is nothing more, nothing less than our story.

When we are optimistic by nature, we are in a way lucky. Our life is much easier. But even if we are optimistic, we still might have a limited mentally build on wrong interpretations. If we don’t analyze and control the way we are thinking, our path to success in life might be blocked.

People put, without realizing, limits to what they can achieve in life. People wait for occasions to improve their life and, at the same time, see this improvement inside certain limits. They know they cannot earn too much more than they earn now, they know that if they change job it cannot be too much better than the one they already have, they know that if they think to move into a new house, it cannot be too much better than the house they are living in…

Their imagination is blocked in the closed environment inside which they already are. They are not capable to see far beyond the boundaries of their present life.

Reading about setting goals in life, I came across a very interesting question to be put when thinking about our future:

If someone tells you that anything you decide to do in your life you won’t fail, what would you do starting tomorrow?

I liked this question because it forces us stretch our imagination, think ‘what if’. Answering this question we can play with our passions, with what we would like to do and with how we would like our life to be. In this way we can see what would make us happy in life. Maybe it is a passion we had had before and we put aside from ‘practical’ reasons. It is important to say here that in life there are no ‘practical’ reasons which could prevail before our life purpose.

The most ‘practical’ thing in life is to find out why you are living for and go for your dream. This is the single way to achieve success in life. There is no other way.

So, answer the question above.

And, once you get the answer, you may ask yourself: Why not?

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