What Really Leads To Success These Days?
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For a start, know that success does not mean the same thing to everybody. For some, to be successful is synonymous with having a lot of money and worldly goods. But for others, success is happiness with family, inner peace, being on good terms with others, helping others, etc.

But we can all agree about the indicators of poverty. Some of them are:

- to be unable to pay the rent

- not living decently (have own house, go on vacation, eat balanced diet, wear nice clothes, have savings, drive a dream car, have adequate medical care, be debt-free, etc.)

- bitterness at seeing others get ahead of you

- to be in a dead-end job

- embarrassment when in the company of those who have “succeeded”

- insecure job

- inability to put your kids through college

- etc., etc.

Millions of people, especially young ones between 19 and 45, are trapped in these unfortunate situations. This article is going to encourage you to take a critical look at your present situation, propose possible solutions and show you how to implement the proposed solutions to move ahead.

Your future is in your own hands

Everything changes: your life, your marital status, the seasons, your education, your knowledge, even the world.

There isn’t much you can do about these things. But you can turn them to your advantage or let them shape the directions of your life, your destiny. Fortunately, unlike the environment, we can make choices, take decisions. Exactly because of that you can take control of your future.

Unfortunately many people adopt a defeatist attitude in life. They think they have tried everything in vain to succeed or that their situation is so hopeless that there’s no need trying to overcome it. Remember, what’s tied on earth is tied up in heaven, so if you think that your situation cannot change, so will it be.

It’s true, you may be up against apparently “insurmountable” obstacles, but consider the following:

Many people have been in your situation too, or even worse ones, but they are successful today. Do you think that they are different from you or even special?

Mark Twain said that madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Unless you didn’t want to change your situation, by the law of cause and effect, no improvement will come in your life if you continue to live the way you are doing.

To help you begin the process of change in your life, we will look at THE FIVE ESSENTIAL FOUNDATIONS OF SUCCESS IN LIFE.

Foundation # 1, positive directions: This means choosing situations that could lead you to the kind of life and lifestyle you crave. Developing a career, buying a house, pursuing a passion are directions. Hanging out at the local club, being a potato couch, spending the whole evening on social media without any aim are also. You know which directions will take you “somewhere” and which “nowhere”.

But you can plan your positive directions. This is what you will do at the end of this article with the part labelled “Brainstorming your future.” Do it on pieces of paper or your computer (or on whatever you want) and at a place where you will feel comfortable and creative.

Foundation # 2, education: Gravity is a fact of life we cannot change: whatever goes up must come down. Even the water vapour which rises into the sky to form clouds become too heavy to remain there and fall as rain.

Facts of life pertaining to education come under the influence of the same immutable law. They are:

Fact # 1: Government studies, census data, and statistics show that people with high school diplomas earn much more than those without. And the number of jobs available to the latter keeps decreasing.

Fact # 2: Career Training and Career Diploma make a bigger difference on the job market than a high school diploma.

Fact # 3: University studies however, make the biggest difference in the quality of jobs available to one and the level of salaries one can earn.

To summarize: the higher one’s education, the more varied are the career options and opportunities and the higher the salaries paid.

Considering these facts of life, what “direction” appears obvious to you if you don’t have a high school diploma, which if you don’t have a career training or a career diploma, which if you don’t have a university diploma?

This path was quite obvious in the pre-Internet days. But now, with the advent of the Internet, you can very much succeed with just career training if you have a minimum education to understand what you are taught online.

Foundation # 3, association: Do you know the ‘principle of success’ called “The Power of Positive ASSOCIATION”? What it says is that you hold yourself back or progress depending on the type of people you most spend your time with, since their values, ideas and directions influence yours. Birds of a feather flock together, they say.

The second requirement is a strong and stable family environment. Good relationships with parents, siblings and kids and a family life filled with helpful values are advantageous for you. If you lack these, then you need to work harder on your thinking, values, and decisions.

Is the “peer pressure” being exerted by your “peers” leading you in a “positive” or a “negative direction”? To find out about this third necessity of association, ask yourself these questions: Are your peers going in the positive directions you wish to take? Can their ideas, experience, and encouragement help you move in or stick to your positive directions? If not, then, hard as it may seem, you have to advise yourself and seek new friends.

Lastly, you need a “support group” of family members, friends, neighbours, co-workers, mentors, teachers, and coaches who share your direction or have already successfully travelled in the directions you want to go.

Foundation # 4, beginning: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single (first) step. If you don’t begin anything, it’s obvious you can never continue or even finish anything.

Now, how do you begin in the “game of success”?

It all begins with gainful employment, a job. Not your ideal job. Any employment is better than no employment and any job preferable to no job at all. One, any job gives you work experience; and two, it assures you money to finance your dream moves.

Foundation # 5, lifelong learning: After graduating from school, many people stop learning. All the information they take in henceforth come only from the radio, the television or the internet. No longer do people visit the library, go into a bookstore or do in-depth research on the net. While the best education is the one that one gives oneself, many adults are content with the education they received at school many years ago. No wonder, many have remained half-baked literates.

But what makes successful people what they are? “Lifelong learning”. The rich continually improve their knowledge in their career areas. They take one aspect of it, master it well and move on to another. Continually. Nonstop.

It’s now time to “BRAINSTORM YOUR FUTURE”. Find pieces of paper, a notebook, or use your computer, or other.

A. For each heading, be as thorough as you can about your life as you would like it to be 3 to 5 years from now:




B. List 5 things you REALLY want to CHANGE about your life in the next 3 years:






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